Why Are We so Attracted to Lighthouse Paintings?

Paintings are an artists’ approach to express his feelings, ideas, and emotions to the world. It is basically a two-dimensional visual language that has several elements like color, shapes, lines, tones, and various textures.

An artist can make a painting on any subject, from nature paintings to tribal and religious arts. One of the most popular painting subjects that have recently collected a lot of good reviews and fame among art enthusiasts is the “Lighthouse Painting.”

In today’s article, we are going to talk about some of the best lighthouse paintings that ever existed, and also provide you with the reasons why lighthouse paintings are among the most favorites of many people out there.

Symbol of Power

Symbol of Power

Lighthouse paintings are not just any painting – they have a great hidden symbol. They are a symbol of the power of faith to guide us through the storms of our lives. Lighthouses in real life are built to withstand powerful storms and turbulent ocean waters therefore lighthouses paintings are depicted as a symbol of absolute power. Also, lighthouse paintings can be thought of as a guidepost in life, one that operates in the face of personal trials and inspires the viewers to get through the tough times.

Karl Blechen’s Stormy Sea with Lighthouse is one such painting that symbolizes the power in it. The lighthouse stands tall in the middle of the dark stormy night with scary high tides in the sea. The brush strokes in the painting are done very carefully along with the great color selection schemes.

Seen as Victorian Light

The lighthouse may be seen as symbolic of individual consciousness which kindles “a light of victory in the darkness.”  The bright colored lights on the top of a lighthouse represent the light of victory that rises within the dark. The victory’s light guides the mariners through the dark ocean trail to their destination and ends their exhausting sea voyage.

A lighthouse painting hanging at your home or workplace can be seen as a victorian light. The painting shall replicate the journey between your hardships and success. Moreover, it can also represent the hope to one day get into the light of triumph and achievement in the coming days.

The Pleasure of Returning Home

Another prime reason for lighthouse painting is getting its very well deserved fame is that it symbolizes the pleasure of returning home as well. On coastlines around the world, you shall find lighthouses that cast a strong and reliable sign to guide sailors to the safety of their home port. These paintings reflect the end of a tiring journey and the feeling of joy that comes with reuniting with friends and families.

In Henri Martin’s the Tower of Collioure in Moonrise, viewers can imagine a loved one sitting on the bank waiting for their loved ones to come home. Additionally, the light posts are also symbolized as the traditional symbol of hope in the paintings.

Conquering the Storms

Lighthouses are designed to withstand any sort of devastating sea storm. They teach us to stand erect and with power in front of the storms and troubles that come against us and never to lose hope. That is why a lighthouse painting can be an important addition to your house so that whenever you feel low, you look at it and build courage within yourself – the courage to fight and cope up with the hurdles that come into your life.

Best of Lighthouse Paintings

Over the years, there have been several masterpieces that did wonders to the lighthouse paintings. Some of them were painted with absolute brilliance while others depicted powerful messages to the public. Here are some of the best lighthouse paintings that have ever been made.

A Lighthouse on Fire at Night by Josepf Wright of Derby

Created by Josepf Wright of Derby, A Lighthouse on Fire at Night is romantic oil on canvas painting. The painting features a burning lighthouse with a beautiful and eye-catching twilight in the background. As seen in the painting, the night seems to be quite stormy and devastating, also a manned boat is seen on the violent water.

The brush strokes in this particular painting are absolutely accurately done and with its brilliant color scheme, the whole painting looks so real. The moon in the background is also very well detailed and can easily grab the attention of the viewers.

Grassy Dunes, Gloucester by John Sloan

John Sloan’s Grassy Dunes, Gloucester is a masterpiece of painting work that has the ability to enhance the beauty of any surrounding place that it is hung around. The foreground of the painting features a grassy meadow which is brilliantly made and the audience can see a lighthouse in the distant background.

Artist has accurately taken care of the distance between the foreground and the background and therefore has miniaturized the lighthouse figure in the back. This bri

The Bottom Line

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