Why Is Spring Cleaning a Thing and Why Is It Important?

If your association with spring cleaning is an audible groan and flashbacks to all the times you had to thoroughly and meticulously clean your whole house just because the spring has arrived, you are not alone.

You may have wondered why spring cleaning; why we all collectively force ourselves to do a detailed cleaning of our homes as if an inspection was coming to judge us all. We asked the cleaning experts the same question – Blue Spruce Maids share their ideas about spring cleaning and its importance.

Why Did Spring Cleaning Become So Important?

Spring cleaning is deeply embedded into our culture. In fact, the tradition of cleaning one’s home in time for spring dates back to ancient times and the Middle East. Both Persian and Jewish traditions demanded that the home be purified for the new year – which just happened to be around the time when spring arrives.

However, the reason behind such customs is probably more linked to our biology. During winter, we used to be pretty much stuck at home with nothing to do. Our homes would get very dirty and very stuffy during that period. It’s only natural that our ancestors would take the first opportunity to clean out their homes and breathe fresh lives into them.

Spring Cleaning Is Good for a Few Things

And even though our lives are drastically different from those of our ancestors, we still go through the motions and perform spring cleaning the first chance we get. Why do we keep doing it? It turns out that spring cleaning, although not strictly necessary anymore, has a number of benefits that we can all take advantage of.

For instance, your productivity in a clean environment will be drastically increased. What’s more, the act of cleaning out your work space can be very beneficial for your energy levels. Just seeing all of the superfluous things go away does wonders for you.

More importantly, though, spring cleaning can reduce your stress levels. Whether we’re talking about your home or your office, staying in a clean and organized environment has been shown to be very beneficial for your stress levels. So don’t hesitate to put in a bit of extra work into cleaning today for a much happier tomorrow.

There Are Health Benefits to Spring Cleaning

Another huge benefit to consider is that spring cleaning creates a healthier environment. Chances are that your cleaning during the winter wasn’t particularly meticulous. Most people don’t really have the energy and the enthusiasm for cleaning when the days are short, cold, and dark. But, with the first rays of the spring sun, you get more energetic, and putting that energy into a good cause sounds like a great plan.

There are already countless allergens around your house, especially if you have pets, but when spring arrives, they will be joined by the allergy sufferer’s worst nightmare – pollen. Your organism can only take so much before it gets overwhelmed – make it easier on yourself and remove those allergens you can control – house dust.

Pace Yourself

Keep in mind that spring cleaning is a big task – and that you don’t have to complete it all at once. Spring is long and you can split your tasks over the course of a few days and make sure you don’t get overwhelmed while also making sure that everything gets the proper attention it deserves.

We may not always be fans of spring cleaning, but once it is done and we get to enjoy a clean and fresh house, you have to admit it – it’s definitely worth the effort.