A Simple Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

It’s that time again – you have to clean your bathroom. Most likely, bathroom cleaning is probably the least favorite part of the home cleaning for most of us. Still, it needs to be done, and there’s no way around it. What you can do, however, is simplify and speed up the process, and doesn’t that sound just great?

Here are some tips from cleaning pros at Maid in Morristown on how to make bathroom cleaning a breeze, or at least more streamlined and palatable.

Gather Your Supplies Before You Start

There’s just one thing worse than cleaning the bathroom – starting to clean the bathroom only to realize that you are out of a product or a piece of equipment you need. Therefore, make sure you have everything you need before you start.

Generally, you should know what you need to clean the bathroom – a cleaning product or two specifically designed for the bathroom, some equipment like gloves, a mop, a few sponges and maybe a mask and goggles if you’re using a strong detergent.

Just think what’d happen if you didn’t have everything, you might have to stop in the middle of cleaning your bathroom to go to the store and get a cleaning product. That means taking a shower, changing into different clothes, driving to the store and back. At best, that’s an hour-long break. Most people wouldn’t go back to cleaning. I know I wouldn’t.

Give Yourself a Pep Talk

If you’ve never given yourself a pep talk, you should try it, it’s very liberating and helpful. Especially if you have to do something you’re not too thrilled about, like cleaning the bathroom.

What helps is telling yourself in advance that you will finish the task in a certain interval, and trying to keep up with the timeline you set up. Some upbeat music or an audiobook can help, too. It’ll make the time pass quicker.

Before You Start

Now that you are ready to start and pumped up by your music of choice, there’s one more important thing to remember – open the windows and doors so that there is airflow. In most cases, the most effective cleaning products are strong chemicals which produce some strong and sometimes toxic fumes (hence the face mask as optional safety equipment).

That means that your bathroom will pretty soon smell quite strongly and if you don’t ventilate it properly, it will certainly make you nauseous if you spend too much time inside.

Start Big

Well, no point dallying any further, it’s time to start for real. But where do you start? Most cleaning experts will tell you to start with big surfaces, such as the walls of the floor. However, seeing how everything will end up on the floor, there’s no point starting there – you’ll just have to redo it by the end.

Instead, the first thing on your list should be the bathroom walls and other large surfaces, like your bath or shower. Another tip from professional cleaners is to use a squeegee to clean large flat surfaces such as your walls, the mirror, and your shower, even if it wasn’t really designed for that.

It’s the Small Things

No matter how well you clean the floor or the shower, it will also be the smaller things that really pop and determine how clean your bathroom looks. For instance, your faucets and showerhead may look clean when wet, but as soon as they dry, they may sport those nasty water stains.

The simple solution to this problem – club soda. It is a cheap and mild detergent that will do wonders for the metallic surfaces in your bathroom.

Try out these bathroom cleaning tips and see whether they work for you and whether they make your bathroom cleaning just a little bit easier and more comfortable.