Benefits of Mentoring high school students

Mentorship is an act of guiding, leading, directing, and overseeing the affairs of a Mentee. It could actively involve spiritual living, Academics, Politics, Finance and all other aspects of life. Mentorship is an avenue for students to grow all round, majorly in academics and career.  Overtime, mentorship has been a great platform to build students and even the mentors themselves. It is of great impact to the Mentee and also to the society at large. The place of mentors in the life of students is very important and also very crucial. You should check out independent study high school for amazing mentorship programs.

Have you ever thought that if a mentor should impact a student wrongly, what would be the outcome? In all sense of sincerity that would lead to a high level of moral decadence in the society. Without wasting much time, I’ll be taking you on the benefits of mentoring high school students.

3 Benefits of Mentoring high school students

  1. Personalized setting of goals: Associating with students who are beginning to understand some basic principles of the outside world in relation to Goal setting, personal development, career etc. Helps them inculcate the habit of living a balanced life. Students learn about short and long term goals and also how to achieve those. It contributes to the nation at large as regards producing teenagers who have a clear vision of what they would become.
  2. Relationships Built on Trust: A relationship built on confidentiality between the mentor and Mentee is actually very important. In this case, it is rare to see students hide their problems and challenges from their mentors. It would be of detriment to the student if he/she starts hiding his challenges from the mentor. Relationships should be based on trust and accountability. And also, students should learn to open up because their mentors have more experience than them.

Building sustainable relationships can be achieved by regular communication between both parties. Accountability shouldn’t be left out on the part of the Mentee. Discipline and also constant heeding to instructions cannot be over emphasized.

  1. Personal Development and Discovery of passion: An important part of mentoring is that the child in question is able to explore his/her self, discover flaws, check out areas that call for improvement. By this, the teenager gradually prepares for the future. With the right mentor, there is Discovery of passion and likes. The teenager gets to know his/her career path and also device means by which he/she can get to fulfill career and academic purpose.

There would be a high level of drop outs today if the place of mentorship is neglected. Too many people living hopeless and without aspirations would walk the streets. The absence of right mentors would eventually lead to high criminal activities in the society. Without too much emphasis we would see that mentors have a major role to play in the life of students.

And to the mentee’s. They should be ready to learn from past experiences and also have a teachable and humble spirit. One of the ways to gain from an elder is to obey without compromise!