How To Work As A Mobile Notary

A mobile notary is a person who moves from one location to the next to the home of their clients to provide notary services. Your job as a notary is just to bear witness as your clients sign documents. You have to witness your client sign in all the appropriate locations on the paper. After this, you stamp and sign it too. So let’s get into it.

Your Job and Duties

As a mobile notary, you may perform almost all kinds of notary duties allowed by the law. But it is very common to only use mobile notaries for mostly real estate and mortgage payments. Mobile notaries are usually separated from loan closers who have more complex jobs than a mobile notary. By the way, check here for Colorado Springs mobile notary.


You have to receive training from a state-approved vendor. All these mortgage and loan transactions involve very specific types of documents that must be handled very carefully. Hence, precise training to identify and understand the function of these documents is very necessary.


Requirements to become a notary vary from state to state. For most states, you can go to your state’s Secretary of State’s website to download and complete the application form. Fill out the application and get it notarized. You are to make some payments also but the fee will also vary according to your state. The Secretary of State will do a background check and if you pass, you may receive your notary commission.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

This type of insurance is very important because it protects you from mistakes and possible legal actions. Most companies that notaries work with always require errors and omissions insurance with a minimum of $100,000 in coverage. In most states, it is well under $100 per year to pay for this insurance.

A Notary Stamp And Journal

You also have to get some tools you will use for your work as a mobile notary. The most important is a notary stamp and a journal. The company you purchase your stamp from should send you an email to which you’ll reply with your notary commission certificate. A journal is also necessary for recording the name, address, and identification number of your clients signing the documents.


After your training and getting your notary commission certification, you should make yourself known and available to parties who might need your services. You can create your website or a business card to promote yourself.

Payment and Time

Signings take between thirty minutes to one hour. A mobile notary can make between  $70 to $200 per closing. It is important to note that it is per closing not per hour. Although a closing may take more than one hour when you add your driving time, document printing time, and others. It may take up to about two hours.

Becoming a mobile notary is an awesome job you can do. One thing you should be aware of is to check if your state is an escrow state or an attorney state. This is because it may be hard to get a loan signing agent job in attorney states.

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