Garden Amendments

In a perfect world, amending your soil wouldn’t be necessary.  However, most gardeners find that amending their soil with something is necessary, especially after several growing seasons.  Ideally, you will amend your soil every season.  If the soil is really poor, it may take some time and love but it will be worth it.  But even soil in raised beds can be rich but still requires additional soil, compost, and fertilizer each season.

The first thing a gardener has to decide is whether they will be growing organically or inorganically.  We recommend you grow 100% organically (or as close as you can).  One of the main ways to assure you that you do this is by only using products that are OMRI listed, which means the product has been reviewed against the National Organic Standards.

The first amendment to consider using is simply compost.  You can buy it in bulk or of course create your own.

The next addition is a good quality potting mix.  You can check out Dr. Earth which is a great product.

My final addition is organic fertilizer.  You can go with a Dr. Earth option as well and use their Tomato, Vegetable and Herb Fertilizer.

Finally, when all else fails and your plants need a little boost, you can apply additional fertilizer.  One option is to use fish emulsion.  This can be applied both as a foliar feed or by simply watering your plants with it.  You can do both with established plants by mixing it up in a watering can and watering the leaves, as well as the dirt.