How to Offer Tree Services: A Guide for Home Improvement Business Owners

Offering tree services could be a great way to extend your scope of service and serve residential or commercial clients looking for someone to plant, remove, or maintain their trees. There might only be a few people offering the service where you are too, which could allow you to capitalize on an underserved market. If you want to be successful, however, you will need to go in with a plan and know how to showcase your new service. Let’s take a look at how home improvement business owners can start offering tree services.

Plan Your Business

The first thing you have to do is check the additional costs that will come with offering a tree service. You might need to buy new equipment and start looking at things like tree removal insurance. This insurance will cover things like tools and equipment, general liability, and the vehicles you’re going to be using, among others. You may need to pay extra for tools like ladders, helmets, and all sorts of safety equipment you’ve never heard of before. You may also have to buy a vehicle specifically for tree removals and maintenance, so be prepared for that.

Look at Your Target Market

You also need to look at who’s going to be your target market. You can offer your services to both residential or commercial clients or only focus on one type of client. If you live in an area with a lot of businesses, focusing mainly on commercial clients may make sense. It’s all a question of knowing where the demand is and what your target market expects as far as service and prices go.

Determine Your Scope of Service and Look at Partnerships

Next, you will need to determine your scope of service, since you don’t have to do everything. You could decide to only offer certain things like tree removals or pruning/trimming. Or you could offer a wider scope of services but only handle some of the jobs while subcontracting the rest. For instance, you could handle tasks that don’t require special expertise and hire subcontractors for other jobs. If you’re already comfortable with cutting and trimming trees, then you could hire a subcontractor for planting or removing trees if you’re not ready to do it yourself.

Market Your Business

The next step is to start advertising your business. If you decide to create a separate entity for your tree service, you will need to set up a new website. First, perform thorough keyword research to find out what keywords people use to find tree removal services where you are. These keywords will need to appear naturally in your site’s content to attract those searching for these terms.

You also have to include location-specific keywords to benefit your local SEO. If you want to add tree removal services to your existing offerings, just add a page for it to your website and optimize it as well. If you have a slider on your front page, ensure that it features your new service to spread awareness about it.

You can then start to actively market your business. There are many methods that you can use. If you want the fastest results, PPC could be the best option for you. PPC allows you to bid on specific keywords and have your ad show up near the top of search engine results when people search for them. What’s great about PPC is that you’ll only have to pay for people who click on your ads. You could also start getting high-quality traffic within minutes of posting an ad.

Traditional methods like print can also work very well. You can distribute flyers to people in your area or businesses. Also know that you may need to send flyers multiple times before you can get results. Offering free estimates to people in your area is also a great way to introduce your services to your community.

This is all you need to know as a home improvement business owner if you want to start offering tree services. This could be a great way to earn more money, and it might not require that you make huge changes to your current business, so it is a good option to consider.