How To Overcome Sinus Infections

The sinuses are the empty spaces around the face where they work as a system that allow the easy draining of mucus in the nose. Whenever the sinuses are clogged, the nose gets a share of that and breathing becomes extremely difficult. If you’re experiencing difficult breathing or any sign of sinus infection, you are in the right place. Right here, you will learn simple hacks on how to overcome sinus infections without blowing a hole in your wallet. Let’s dive in.

Take Bromelain Supplements

If this is your first time hearing about bromelain, it is a mixture of herbal enzymes found in the stalk of pineapple. Bromelain has healing powers in it which can help you get rid of sinus infections. While you may be thinking of eating pineapple to introduce bromelain into your body or hacking into the spine of a pineapple, it doesn’t really work that way. The amount of bromelain you can get that way is insignificant to what your body needs. What you should rather do is buy bromelain supplements from a pharmacy near you. Though eating pineapple will also add to the effect but you shouldn’t make it your only source of bromelain.

Use Humidifiers

Clogged mucus can melt enough to leave the nose on its own in a humid atmosphere. If you live in a community where the atmosphere is mostly dry and hot, an humidifier is a must-have. A heater humidifier that can release warm mist or steam into the air is the most effective for the purpose of melting the dry, sticky, clogged mucus in the nose when breath in.

Nasal Sprays

Some of the worse sinus infections are congestion and the swelling of the nasal passage. But with OTC nasal sprays, you can overcome that. Nevertheless, know that when OTC nasal sprays are overused, the side effects that ensue can be costly. Especially if you’re using the decongestant nasal spray type, say something like the oxymetazoline, you can end up making your sinus problem worse than it currently is if overused or used for a long period of time. All in all, I’d recommend consulting your doctor first before using nasal sprays.

Nasal irrigation

According to studies, victims who undergo nasal irrigation avoid the intense headache associated with sinus issues unlike victims who do not. In fact, with a good nasal irrigation, you won’t need to use OTC medicines ever before you get ahead of whatever sinus infection that you have. To carry out your nasal irrigation, however, you’ll need a neti pot or a syringe inside which the irrigation water is contained. Note that your irrigation water should never be a water gotten directly from the tap. Those usually contain the kind of bacteria that your nose can’t fight off. Instead, buy distilled water or, if you can’t afford that, boil your tap water to kill bacteria off before use. To make your irrigation solutions, pour your distilled or boiled water into the neti pot. Add a mixture of half a teaspoon of baking soda and half a teaspoon of noniodized salt. Use a syringe to apply the solution in your nose. Hold it there for a while before breathing it out. Keep doing this until the whole solution is used up.

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