What To Look For In A Deer Fence?

As lovely as deer can be, they also can be very destructive and difficult to control; they feed on shrubs and other crops on the farmland. Since they are very fast and also a very good jumper, you might find it extremely difficult to capture them. So, what is the way out?

The way out is something you are familiar with and it is as simple as a fence. You have to separate yourself and your environment from these animals but how many blocks will you need? Trying to use bricks or blocks might cost you a lot. All you simply need is to get a metallic deer fence from a trusted manufacturer or on sites like https://feedthatgame.com/tenax-pro-deer-fence-review/

However, you cannot just purchase any type of deer fence, there are some certain requirements your deer fence must meet.

The fence height

This is the most important thing to consider because deer are very good jumpers. Your fence must stand very tall to about 10 ft to prevent entrance to even the best leapers among the deer. Imagine having to arrange blocks up to this height to keep away deer, it is not commonsensical. Just try to install a metallic fence to make the work easier. Some deer fences can also be joined with existing ones to increase the height instead of buying a new length of the fence.


Flexible fences are very good choices to purchase because they fit into any landscape and can be easily stretched or bent to give us the desired shape. It allows you to make some little changes at certain points during installation.

Corrosion and rust-resistant

Your deer fence must be able to withstand any harsh climate and remain intact. Many experts will advise you to purchase only galvanized fences to ensure this. If your fence rust easily then there is a high probability it will collapse in no time. Meanwhile, check out the link if you are looking for the most trusted royal palm beach fence installation service provider that can provide you with professional backyard fence installation, pool fence installation, as well as fence repair services for an affordable price.

Keep away more than deer

Check the size of the boxes of the fence to confirm if other tiny pests cannot pass through them. Your fence should carry out its functions effectively regardless of the kind of animal. Nothing should be able to pass a good fence.

Extra spaces

This is related to flexibility and deals with leaving out some spaces that can be used to pin your fence to the ground to prevent the deer from finding their way through the fence by passing under it. Ensure there is no unnecessary space or gap between your fence and the ground.


You must always keep this at the back of your mind and you can probably reserve some cash to take care of any damage done to your fence on time. Postponing repairs exposes your fence to further damages which are surely going to be well-utilized by deer.

Therefore, getting a deer fence is a good way to keep out the deer but will be useless if the fence is substandard. A substandard fence might confuse the deer in the first instance but with time, these animals will devise means of bypassing it. Remember to carefully examine the fence before making payment for any product.