Does A Contractor Need A Construction Inspector On Any Project?

As a contractor, you are responsible for the works performed by every staff you hire in the construction of a project but how would you know if every hire did a quality job in accordance with the regulations and codes of the state?

To be candid, it is impossible for you as the contractor to know if you have indeed done an excellent job. You need the opinion of an expert construction inspector to help you assess the quality of job done at various stages in the construction process.

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Here is an overview of what a construction inspection usually covers in any given project:

  • In-depth scrutiny of construction designs, drawings and specifications and discussion on deviations.
  • Inspection of installations to see if they comply with set standards and codes.
  • Inspection of the construction process to see if it complies with state’s regulation on safety.
  • Bringing to the notice of the contractor any changes to the existing state’s regulation and code.
  • Enlightening the contractor on how to avoid hazards on-site amongst others.

These are major reasons why the presence or absence of a construction inspector can make or mar any project.

  1. The project is built to last. With a construction inspector by your side on a project, you will be able to build a high quality structure based on quality designs and framework. With a construction inspection, you will be able to deliver the project as and when due while avoiding costly mistakes that tend to keep the project out of the budget.
  2. The presence of a construction inspector ensures that an environmentally friendly project is executed.
  3. A construction inspection helps the contractor avoid future replacement or repair costs he might incur if the project owner eventually hires a construction inspector who then finds out that the project does not comply with set standards and also poses threat to the safety of the client.
  4. Having an extra pair of eyes— the construction inspector, helps those who are working on the project maintain laser focus on the task at hand. The inspector is able to call them to order once he notices them going out of the project scope.

From the above one can say that construction inspections are indispensable but are there any disadvantages to hiring their services? Find out in the highlights below.

  1. Scheduled inspections have been deemed as inefficient as they give the contractors and other workers on-site the opportunity to window dress any negative practises that ordinarily would have caused the inspector to raise a red flag.
  2. Lack of scope is viewed as a huge limitation for construction inspectors in the sense that it makes them ineffective as they focus on too many things at the same time, this may cause them to give half-baked evaluations in some instances.