Guide to Well Known Schools for Musically Gifted Children

Music is a form of art, which can be a vital part of your child’s life. As a parent, your focus has probably been to ensure that your kid excels in education. But, besides getting good grades, it is also important to explore their interests.

If you have heard your kid humming or showing interest in playing any musical instrument, then this is one of the signs of a musically gifted baby. Your child may often ask you to play a song or request to listen to music, which can indicate that he or she is willing to know more about the chords and notes.

While some people believe talent can be learned, many kids are born with exceptional abilities to stand-out in the crowd. If you feel your baby is musically gifted, don’t ignore to unleash your child’s talent to the world. The possibility is you have given birth to another rockstar whose unique musical skills can be his greatest claim to fame.

Your child can pursue a career in this field, with many schools offering music as a major, some of which we have listed here. If you are one of those who have this in-born talent or a parent whose baby is showing interest in music, then getting enrolled in one of these schools could be a great idea.

Well-Known Musical Schools

A long list of schools offers music education for gifted children to help them achieve their highest potential. Choosing the best one for your child can be a difficult decision. For your convenience, here are some of the internationally well-known musical schools that will further polish your child’s natural talent.

1. Juilliard School

Julliard School was founded in 1905 and is known as a world leader in performing arts education. The school’s mission is to provide the highest level of artistic education to musically gifted children and enable them to attain their fullest potential as artists.

At Julliard, music is considered a tradition of passing the talent from seasoned artists to students. As a music student, you will be able to learn the interpretation of music from different periods. The talented music teachers will help you nurture music, refine it, and make it your own. Being a student at Julliard will facilitate you to work collaboratively with other musicians, talented actors, and dancers of the school.

The work of musically gifted children is complemented by the teachers and enthusiastic audiences at Julliard. Students get an opportunity to perform and share their talent at many renowned venues worldwide.

2. Shepherd School of Music – Rice University

Shepherd School of Music has become a leading international music school in just four decades. Some of the alumni have won Pulitzer Prize and Grammy awards. Every year the school enrolls 290 uniquely gifted young musicians to cultivate the mastery of musical performance. These children are trained by world-class teachers who ensure that musicians are equipped with the skills necessary for making their successful careers.

3. The Colburn School

In 1950, the University of Southern California established a small preparatory school offering only piano lessons to school-aged children. Three decades later, the Colburn Community School of Performing Arts was created by Richard D. Colburn’s California Foundation. They wanted to provide an opportunity for exemplary performing arts education to everyone throughout LA.

In 2003, the Colburn Conservatory of Music was formed to attract talent from all over the globe. Later in 2010, Colburn Music Academy was established that offered a highly selective training program for gifted young pre-collegiate musicians. Students are trained to perform classical instruments so that they can take their performing careers to the highest levels of achievement.

4. Knox College

Since its inception in 1937, the college has committed to providing active liberal arts learning. The institute ensures to provide access to performing arts education to all qualified students from different backgrounds, regardless of their financial means.

Students work closely with the teachers to allow the critical exchange of ideas. They are free to choose from a list of 88 majors and minors and can audition for Knox College Choir irrespective of their selection. Lead by Professor Laura Lane, the choir is always looking for new talent to have fresh music. For your musically gifted child, the school can provide a plethora of melodic opportunities.

5. Berklee College of Music

With its campuses in Boston, Massachusetts, and Valencia, Spain, Berklee offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in contemporary music and the performing arts. The talents of hundreds of alumni of the school have been recognized with Oscar and Grammy awards. It facilitates students to explore interdisciplinary approaches to music and other art forms.

A 4:1 student-to-faculty ratio allows teachers to become your mentor and collaborators. More than 500 students are enrolled in a graduate program every year, while undergraduate enrollment exceeds 5,000 students.

6. College of Music – Florida State University

Back in the 1900s, the College of Music was started with only one teacher of vocal and instrumental music, and since then, it has continued to offer a high level of professional education in music. Every year the college offers around 350 concerts and productions. The college also hosts workshops and festivals such as the Festival of New Music, providing a platform for its students to perform their music work.

You have probably seen their 400-strong marching band appeared on all home football games and at a few road games too. You can choose from some unusual ensembles, including Gospel Choir and Early Ensemble, performing music written before 1650. Along with these, there are also some normal band and choir ensembles to choose from.

7. Jacobs School of Music – Indiana University

Jacobs School of Music has been known for offering endless opportunities for music lovers. For nearly a century, they have focused on excelling in performance artistry. More than 1500 students are enrolled in various ensembles coming from different states and countries. A faculty of over 175 skilled and talented teachers is committed to inspiring and mentoring the next generation of music leaders.

Some top musicians also visit the school annually to give master classes and guest lectures to the fortunate and talented students. More than 1,100 performances are offered by the school every year through ensembles, bands, choirs, orchestras, and soloists, along with fully staged ballets, operas, and a musical.

Bringing out the Best

Though your child may have shown signs of being musically gifted, it is crucial to help the kid bring out his best and showcase the talent in front of a large audience. Many music schools polish their students’ skills and give them the confidence to perform and share their talent worldwide. These schools provide the student with various opportunities to unleash their talent by nurturing and supporting them.

If you are a talented musician or a parent of a musically gifted kid, then get the right music education to fulfill those melodious goals. Enrolling in one of the best music schools is the first step to success, and further opportunities will follow. Many alumni of these schools have proven to be successful musicians and are recognized with various awards.

Don’t ignore those musical cues from gifted children and get them enrolled for proper training from professionals!