An Urban Homesteader’s Guide to Chic Country Attire

Homegrown country living is a simplified lifestyle that can be achieved whether you reside in the outskirts of a hick town or grow a tomato garden on the balcony of your co-op. It’s not about location, but rather a way of life. For urban homesteaders, an area of interest may be learning to dress the part of casual country chic.

Blue Jeans

Naturally, the main staple to achieving a great country look is a nice pair of jeans. For true homesteaders, fashion isn’t all about designer labels. It’s about practicality. Blue jeans go great with any blouse, and they are available in a variety of fashionable styles. Of course, a person wouldn’t dare to go camping or mudding while wearing Juicy Couture. Simple country folk isn’t afraid to get dirty, so good jeans always come in handy.


No, this doesn’t refer to fancy evening gowns. Instead, country girls prefer comfortable cotton dresses that are stylish and go great with a pair of boots. Embroidery dresses and eyelet dresses are the top picks, but choosing a great dress thinks comfort and style. The best dresses for homesteading are the ones that work for watering the garden, baking in the kitchen, and going out for a night on the town.


Any great homesteading outfit isn’t complete without a pair of boots. Suppose you are an urban homesteader, no worries. It doesn’t necessarily mean donning a pair of cowgirl boots. There’s a wide selection of boots out there that come in any style imaginable. Whether you prefer heels, leather, high-top boots, or ankle boots, it isn’t hard to find the perfect pair of boots to compliment your outfit.


Although any blouse will go with your blue jeans or denim skirt, certain prints scream country more than others do. Embroidered tops, plaids, florals, and vintage shirts tend to have a Southern appeal. During the cooler months, you can’t go wrong wearing a flannel with the sleeves rolled up. It’s a warm, comfortable country look.


Ok, so if you’re urban country, a cowboy hat may be going a little too far, but it’s still worth mentioning as country folks are all about their hats. If you choose to forego the hat, you can always top off your country look with a stylish belt, a bandana, a belt buckle, and jewelry that’s chunky, silver, or accented.

The homegrown country is a lifestyle and a look that’s achievable where you’re a city girl or live way out in the sticks. Making crafts, gardening, cooking from scratch, and blasting George Jones feels a little more authentic when wearing a dress and a nice pair of boots.