Facts About Social Security Card That you Must Know

Losing your social security card is one of the painful things that can happen to you especially when you are in the process of applying for college, or opening your own bank account.

Of course, it is not supposed to be painful after all you can always get a new one but reality hits different when you realize the process of replacing your lost card isn’t a bed of roses.

Merely reading what the Social Security website has to say about cards replacement, you might think getting a new card is easy-peasy especially when you read the part that says you will get your card after 10 business days but is this truly how long does it take to get a new social security card?

But before we delve into that, let’s find out why anyone would even need a social security card talkless of finding themselves in situation that warrants its replacement.

Why do you need a social security card?

A social security card is one that contains your nine-digit Social Security number which is needed in keeping track of your earnings and of course it helps monitor your record when you start receiving social security benefits.

The social security number is a piece of very important information that must be kept with the utmost care and of course, you should never give it out unless it is required by authorized bodies.

Since you have an idea of the importance of this card and likewise the number that is inscribed on it, let me introduce you to what social security benefits are all about.

What are Social Security Benefits?

Social security benefits have been tagged as partial replacement income for qualified retirees and disabled individuals, as well as their spouses, children, and survivors.

The amount of social security benefit due to anyone is basically based on their earnings, date of birth, and the age in which the social security benefits become claimable for them. To qualify for social security benefits, you must have paid into the programme while you were actively working and accumulated a minimum of 40 credit points.

According to Social Security Administration estimates 97 percent of the aged population in the United States (between the average age of 60 to 89) either receive Social Security or will receive it.

How to get a new social security card?

Getting a new social security card is a complex and overly sensitive process. If done wrongly, your request would be denied for as many times as you do it wrong but according to the Social Security Act, a social security card is usually issued after 10 working business days but there is a caveat attached and that is for you to have correctly filled and submitted the ss-5 form.

There are two means to getting your social security card, you can either get it through the website or by visiting a social security office in your vicinity. To avoid the cost of time that comes with doing it wrongly, you may file an application via authorized third parties.