10 Home Service Statistics You Need to Know This 2021

The year 2021 is for the home service industry. With the pandemic limiting physical interaction, plenty of major service shops have opted to go for door-to-door customer assistance. Not only does it save money from rental space but it also keeps you and your employees safe.  However, before you go completely transitioning towards home service, you should be armed with knowledge first.

To do that, you have to know and research about online reach, digital advertising, market response, and phone call interactions. Read on to find out the vital statistical information to guide you on your business journey.

10 Valuable Statistics

Customer data and information means power for your home service business. Limited by the lack of actual store space, you need to rely on online innovations to connect with your customers. To help you feel the pulse of the public, here are some crucial and basic home service statistics:

1. Online Investment and Cost

Marketing your services in this modern age is easier and more efficient. You can simply create a site or digital publication material and post it on your social media platforms. However, the problem begins with the fact that billions of people use the same method daily. With that much competition, you need to invest in the Cost per Click (CPC) upgrade of Google Ads to boost your traffic.

Premium home service keywords will cost you at least $40 but this investment can make a huge impact on your customer reach. Current Costs per Lead (CPL) now costs more than $100. This might seem too heavy for the budget, but the trick is to know when to boost your content.

2. Market Potential

With the safety that personal services offer to customers, global home services have become one of the most leading niches in the market. Due to the pandemic and overall shift in the public attitude, experts estimate that this industry will skyrocket by 18.91% in the year 2026. This prediction is very promising especially with plenty of providers experiencing difficulties and challenges caused by the pandemic.

3. Mobile and Internet Search

Experts have found out that 55% of consumers looking for home services such as pest control, furniture moving, locksmiths, and other repairs go to the Internet first before arranging an appointment. This means that having an online website and presence is a key adaptation for your business, in order for customers to reach you.

Consumers also are now 350 times more likely to use the words “local”, “near me”, or “nearby” in their search for home service. They even go to the point of including a specific location like “refrigerator repair in Toronto”. So, before you publish your content be sure to specify your location and operational hours.

4. SEO Contact Tools

Top digital marketing agencies in Toronto, one of the country’s tech hubs, believe that investing in “call now” extensions of Google Ads can boost your customer reach. People have more trust in your services if they have the chance to talk to you beforehand.

However, if you have too many customers, they also suggest using artificial intelligence to cater to FAQs and provide a fast response. You can do this by analyzing phone conversations to determine what questions are most often brought up.

5. Consumers are Not as Choosy

Current survey data suggests that consumers are not that fixated on a specific company when they’re looking for home services. An analytics company also found out that 78% of mobile searches would lead to a purchase within the day. This means that you can use this opportunity to market your company to undecided customers.  You can also boost your business site to have a better conversion rate and compatibility with different devices.

6. Demographic Preferences

It was observed that trends in the market right now cater to young adults from ages 18 to 34. They take up 95% of the online market, which means you should be updated with the current taste shifts. So, instead of mainly focusing on your credentials, chances are they need to read at least 10 good customer reviews for you to gain their trust. With this information make sure that every service counts to encourage more testimonies.

7. Reviews Matter

Customer opinion is the name of the game when it comes to online engagement. According to recent data, 57% of customers will only transact with a business with a 4 star or higher rating. Data also shows that 86% of consumers also read online reviews for local companies. To ensure that your business garners good reviews, you need to have a strong publicity management team to control the public’s perception regarding your services.

8. Repairs and Calls

House repairs and appliance fixes are often urgent and needed ASAP. When customers look you up online, chances are, they’ll call you right away to help them. Companies like SimplyPro Appliance repair in Newmarket know this fact, which is why they have someone to respond to customer’s plights right away.

Data shows that 40% of consumers who call you (after they’ve searched for you) are more guaranteed to hire you right away. These numbers just reinstate the fact that online presence matters with home services.

9. Unanswered and Wasted

Phone call data shows that 18% of weekday calls and 41% of weekend calls to home services often go unanswered. This communication problem can create plenty of tension and frustration on the customer side, which can lead to 0% chances of them calling again. And, it doesn’t stop there because some might go to your site and leave a bad review for everyone to see.

10. Customer Satisfaction

Current data shows that 80% of consumers believe that customer service is just as important as the product that you’re selling. This raises the bar when it comes to home services. Not only do you have to provide outstanding assistance but your customer communication should also be strong and established.

Data and statistics are more than just numbers and graphs. They represent actual people that you engage with every day. By putting them in numbers, you can have a better chance at understanding where and how to upgrade the different aspects of your business. From digital marketing, telephone response, SEO boosts, and online website reach, there are plenty of factors to consider as you march into the new decade.

Business is all about understanding numbers. However, you mustn’t forget that its main purpose is to serve your customers. Stats and percentages can help you put things into perspective but at the end of the day, your quality service will speak for itself.