How to Use Your Golf Cart for Yard Work

When most people think of a golf cart, they picture green fairways and people dressed in sports clothes hitting a tiny white ball. This makes complete sense considering for a very long time, that was their only real use. 

Golf carts have become extremely versatile being used for everything from street legal transportation in some communities to hunting vehicles. However, one of the best ways you can use your golf cart is around the home be it for gardening or yard work. 

Golf Carts Mark Things A Lot Easier Around the Property

A golf cart can make gardening and other laborious tasks a lot easier since the cart can be used to haul plants, tools, and gardening supplies around. While garden wheelbarrows and carts make it a lot easier to haul materials around, it is still necessary to exert energy to balance, push, and lift the wheelbarrow or cart. 

Golf carts are a lot smaller compared to trucks, which allow you to move around your property without the terrain getting damaged. 

A lot of the more common tasks around the house can be done with just your stock cart which is why they are great. However, there are some fairly affordable aftermarket parts and accessories you can add to take it to the next level. These include things like cargo boxes (1), roof racks and, depending on the terrain, tires or a golf cart lift kit (2).

Things You Can Do With a Golf Cart

  1. Stack bagged potting soil, compost, gravel, or mulch in the back of your golf cart, and then use your cart to transport the bags to the location where you need them. 

If you happen to have a compost pile, a plastic bin can be strapped onto your golf cart and the bin can be used to transport bulk compost.  

  1. Throw weeds into the back of your golf cart into the cargo area if you have one instead of rear seating while you are tending your flower beds. When your cart is full, the weeds can then be transported to your garbage can or compost pile. 
  2. Strap 5-gallon buckets using nylon straps or elastic cords to the rear seats. Fill up buckets with garden refuse, manure, or gravel and use them throughout your garden. 
  3. Rake grass clippings or leaves onto a tarp. Then tie the tarp using soft twine to your golf cart and haul the grass or leaves to your compost pile or throughout your yard. 
  4. Take a chain and secure it to small fallen trees and then secure the other end of the chain to a sturdy tow hitch or bar. Drive forward slowly in your golf cart to haul the tree to where you need it. The same method can be used to move rocks and small stump. However, if it places strain on your golf, then you need to stop. 
  5. Get a trailer hitch installed on the back of your golf cart. Use a trailer hitch assembly kit that includes the hitch, pins, receiver hitch, and all of the mounting hardware that is needed. 

Once the trailer hitch is installed, a small utility trailer can be attached to the golf cart so more material can be hauled around. This also helps to cut down on the wear and tear to prevent your golf cart from becoming damaged.

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