Pom Pom Craft Ideas

Pom pom crafts are an enjoyable pastime for both kids and adults, despite what others might think. Adding colorful pom poms in your DIY projects give a whimsical sense to your designs, and it’s pretty cheap to do. Everybody loves those fuzzy art pieces. 

Pom poms are incredibly easy to create and make for befitting adornments and gifts for your loved ones. Before diving into the world of pom pom crafts, first, you must have pom poms readily available. Instead of buying from stores, why don’t you try making your own using this small and large pom pom maker set from Michaels? That way, you can get creative to your heart’s content.

Here are ten pom pom craft ideas you can do with your family at home. And if you have lots of time, you can make these pom pom crafts to sell and earn a living out of making fuzzy art pieces.

Pom Pom Flowers

You can give some homemade pom pom flowers to a newly-born baby as they are beautiful and safe. You can easily make these with clean and nice wool. First, bundle up a considerable length of thread on your forefingers. Next, secure the bundle together by tying a piece of the end length around it. Cut the folded ends and shape the pom poms into a sphere. Use wooden dowels as sticks for the flowers, then secure the balls on top of the dowel with a glue gun.

Letters of The Name

To make these, you should have a large cardboard sheet, as it will act as the base of the letters. Begin by making small-sized pom poms with bright wool to be placed on the cardboard sheet. Make as many as you can to fill up the whole sheet of letters. You can select the size of the letters depending on the utility of your installation.

Once you’re done making the pom poms, start gluing them onto the cardboard letters. Once you’re satisfied with the end-product, you can finish the project by adding a final layer of glue onto the sides to secure the pom poms on the letters.

Cute Pom Pom Head Crown

This pretty pom pom headband is easy to make. Start by making several medium or big-sized pom poms. Next, use a needle and a yarn to weave the pom poms into a thread and glue to bind them together to keep them from falling off. You’re now ready to show off this colorful and beautiful headband.

scarves with pom poms

Pom Pom Fruity Blast

This easy-to-do pom pom-making technique is educational and informative for children. It only entails placing the correct thread color at the right place. You can get lovely woolen fruits and vegetables with this technique. 

Pretty Pom Pom Coasters

You can incorporate these soft fuzzy pom pom balls tp any part of your life. One example is using them as coasters for your warm mugs and cups. Buy or make small, evenly-sized pom poms and glue them together following the specific size for coasters. Once you’re done making them, you can use these coasters every time you sit down with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. You can choose between multicolored or mono-themed coasters.

Kiddo Necklace

This pretty DIY pom pom necklace is also easy to create. Make use of your leftover wool and a spare wire. First, use the leftover yarn to make woolen pom poms, then thread them through the wire that will fit comfortably on your kid’s neck. Next, seal both ends of the wire together. See to it that the necklace is a little long so the child can wear it as is. Now, your young one has a lovely pom pom necklace they can wear whenever they like.

Flower Pom Poms

You can also make flowers out of pom poms as they aren’t that far in appearance when you think about it. You can also make animals and fruits with the same pom pom-making technique. It only involves putting your attention into choosing which color goes where.

beanie with a pom pom, girl wearing a beanie

Shopping Bag Designs

If you happen to have a bland or old shopping bag lying around and wish to spruce it up, then pom poms are what you need. To begin with, you must make small and big-sized pom poms and sketch a layout based on where you wish to lay the fuzzy balls. Next, use a needle and a thread to secure the pom poms onto their places. You can also use glue for added security from falling.

Adorable Dolls

If your child is quite taken with fairies, this is one of the best gifts you can give them. Gather some felt cloth and wooden peg dolls. Next, cut some wings out from the felt fabric and paint the peg dolls. Then, you can make many pom poms using multicolored yarn. Use a rope or thread on the back of the wings and glue it on the peg doll’s back. After, you can attach the pom poms at the base of the dolls and hang them on a rope with overhead loops.

Pom Pom Bookmarks

You can also make cute bookmarks out of pom poms. Start with making pom poms the usual way, except this time, you don’t cut the strings. Twist the thread together and secure them onto the back of the book cover. Finally, give the pom poms some finishing touches. You can present these bookmarks with books you’re giving as a gift to your loved ones or for yourself.