Getting Crafty – Summer Pom-Pom Wreath

I aspire to be a crafty person.  I love walking the aisles of Michael’s and JoAnn’s.  As you know from my posts, I love to pin images on Pinterest; this includes all manner of crafty goodness.

So, when I started seeing yarn pom-poms sprouting up all over the place, I knew I needed to jump into the action.

As many people do, I enjoy changing the wreath out on my front door and rather than purchase a ready-made one, I like to make it myself.  Here’s what’s been on our front door for the better part of the last 5 months or so:

I like it but it isn’t very “summery” and is getting a little worn out from the sun and dust.  I decided it was time for a redo and that is where the yarn pom-pom comes in.

My inspiration came from this wreath that I found on Pinterest.  I love it!  I wanted to make the exact same one but the reality of buying that many different colors of yarn was something I just could stomach financially.  I searched Goodwill for cheap yarn but no luck.  So, back to the drawing board I went and came up with a similar wreath that only required three colors of yarn and thus, the Daisy Pom-Pom Wreath was born.

Here’s how I made it.


Step One – Making the Pom-Poms

Wrap a bunch of yarn around your three middle fingers.  There really isn’t a science to this.  If you do more, the pom-pom will be thicker.

Remove one finger, spread the two remaining fingers apart, and tie in the middle.

Remove your fingers and cut the loops that you created.  (On the left the loops are uncut on the right I have cut the loops.)

You will be left with a somewhat scraggly looking pom-pom.

Trim it up.  Again, there really isn’t a science to this.  Just trim the edges, attempting to keep them all as even as possible.  This will make your pom-pom more fluffy and uniform.

Clap for yourself – you’re done!

Now make a zillion.  I made mine to resemble daisies.  So, I made a zillion white pom-poms, 7 yellow ones, and a bunch of smaller green ones.  Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean. But if you want your home to not absorb too much heat during the summer, what you need is Ventilated wall claddings.

Step Two – Making the Wreath

First I deconstructed my old wreath.  I was too lazy to remove all the yarn and since I’m covering it up, it doesn’t really matter.  I like to use straw wreaths and I don’t remove the plastic that is covering the straw.  I just craft right over it.
I chose a spot at random and glued a yellow pom-pom.  This will be the center of my daisy.
Then I started gluing white pom-poms around the yellow one to create the “petals” of the daisy.
A finished daisy.
Two finished daisies.

As you can see, when all of the daisies are done, there is quite a bit of space between the flowers where you can see the wreath below.  I decided to fill in with smaller green pom-poms to create a little depth and contrast.

And finished!  What do you think?

Books and Such:

  • Clover Large Pom Pom Maker
  • Adventures in Pompom Land: 25 Cute Projects Made from Handmade Pompoms
  • Pom-Pom Pets (American Girl Library)
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