Prepping Your Golf Cart for Farm Use

Contrary to popular belief, golf carts are not small, lightweight vehicles that are primarily used for transporting golfers from one hole to the next on manicured golf courses. Since their inception, these vehicles have undergone significant development and are today utilized by numerous people to facilitate their leisure and employment activities. Golf carts are increasingly being used on yards, farms, and ranches.

But if your community does permit golf carts to be used as a mode of transportation on its roadways, a golf cart is a fantastic substitute for a car or SUV. Golf carts get excellent gas mileage and can help you avoid spending hundreds of dollars on fuel each year. You won’t have to worry about petrol costs at all if you’re driving an electric golf cart. Golf carts are also incredibly agile and can easily enter and exit confined locations. Runs to the grocery store, picking up coffee or fast food, or dropping your kids off at school are some errands where a golf cart would come in very handy.

All Buggies Can Be Customized

A golf cart can be a useful investment for your farm.

Golf carts are a better option for a vehicle because they demand less effort to operate. For instance, your electric car must be charged once every few days to remain running. There is also a lot of longevity, especially considering that many batteries last around 90 hours on a single charge. In the end, using and caring for a golf cart is straightforward.

Farms feature a lot of rough terrains that are challenging to work on. Even with these roads’ shortcomings, it might be difficult for many farmers to find equipment at fair prices. Many of these problems can be resolved by purchasing a golf cart. Installing a lift kit, which enables you to travel over difficult terrain without concern, will save you money on repairs. By examining the size of your tires and the kind of surfaces you frequently drive on, you may determine whether your golf cart needs a lift kit. On most farms, it’s a good idea to have a lift kit so you don’t unintentionally get your car stuck in mud or a ditch. There are several benefits to having a golf cart on your farm, from accelerating your labor to giving your farm a unique touch with varied types of grasses or providing a lift for some products or materials for farm use. If you want to improve farm life, even more, think about getting a golf cart to add to your collection of tools.

8 Ways to Upgrade Your Golf Cart

Many farm owners are prepping their golf carts to be utilized in their farms.

1. Heavy-duty Tires

Most new golf carts use what is known as street tires. As their name implies, these street tires are 8″ golf tires, and they are excellent for driving on paved surfaces like asphalt. Street tires are more compact and need less energy, but they are less adaptable than a set of larger tires. The deeper tread of a larger pair of tires such as those measuring 10″ or 12″ enables you to travel over more difficult terrain, such as rocky trails and roads. This provides you and your cart with more alternatives and more space to select from. 

2. Add More Speed

A faster cart is quite easy to upgrade to. You can go faster by increasing your battery voltage from the industry-standard 36 to 48. A new golf cart speed controller that can manage the voltage and will allow you to travel faster and offer you greater control over your acceleration may be required in addition to upgrading your battery. You can update the golf cart engine for even greater speed. These improvements boost torque as well as speed. Just be aware that it is against the law to drive a golf cart faster than 25 mph on public streets in several jurisdictions.

3. Prep with Lighting

Taking a journey in your golf cart on a pleasant evening or after work to a great supper is part of the enjoyment of owning one. Consider LED lighting for your cart if you intend to operate it at night. There are many different kits available, and they give the cart’s underbody a cool, neon glow. Both the ambient lighting and the lights increase your visibility. Headlights, taillights, LED spotlights, and LED light bars are additional features that can help make nighttime driving safer and more enjoyable. A light bar provides you with more illumination and works similarly to a long, rectangular spotlight or headlight. Before heading out for a night on the town on your golf cart, make sure to verify your local laws. Nighttime driving regulations differ from county to county.

A golf cart makeover to serve varied purposes.

4. Accommodate Additional Seats

Most golf carts don’t come equipped with additional back seats, so a rear seat kit is a wonderful solution to accommodate more passengers. Your cart may become a mobile party with a selection of kits. The additional seating looks wonderful, accommodates more people, and increases the functionality of the cart by allowing it to fold back into a small, flatbed. You can move and carry almost anything, including crates, large machinery, gardening tools, wood, and whatever project you are working on. The standard golf cart is just the start of a personalized and unique car that you may use for both work and play. 

5. Invest in a steel/wood Cargo

This is a fantastic steel or woodwork bed for your golf cart utility. You’ll be able to transport things safely and securely. You will find it simple to load and unload a vehicle with a tailgate that folds down, and you may leave the tailgate down when transporting branches or other long objects. It is ideal for carrying dirt, performing maintenance work, and performing other duties. This box has a heavy-duty rubber tailgate to minimize rattling and is painted black with a powder finish. It is offered for the Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha.

6. You may opt for a Cooler 

Driving about on your golf cart with a special cooler fitted is pretty much the only thing better than doing so. The fact that there are as many cooler installations as there are beverage options is even better. The coolers have been cleverly engineered to fit in several crevices and nooks on the golf cart due to the restricted seating space on the vehicle. You can attach one to your dashboard or use a hitch to attach one to the back of the cart. This will keep you hydrated.

Golf arts can be used in varied ways not just in golf courses.

7. Replace the Overhead Covers if Necessary 

Many carts don’t have adequate protection from the outdoors. Even if your cart likely has a roof, you still run the chance of getting wet in the rain because the car is quite susceptible to inclement weather. Get a full-cart cover that you can use while driving, if possible. This will be a water-resistant material with see-through plastic to cover the vehicle’s glass regions. You’ll be able to conduct business in any weather, rain or shine, in this fashion.

8. Safety Seat Belts

There are several older variants without seat belts. It might not seem essential, especially if you ride mostly on the course. But you should fasten a few seat belts if you’re riding on roads and trails on the farm. When you’re biking with young kids, this can be particularly crucial. Children are the first to request a ride on the golf cart and the first to attempt to jump off. Get a few seat belts placed to spare yourself the tension and headache.