Prepping Your Golf Cart for Farm Use

Wheel options must be considered if you opt to upgrade your golf cart to farm use.

Contrary to popular belief, golf carts are not small, lightweight vehicles that are primarily used for transporting golfers from one hole to the next on manicured golf courses. Since their inception, these vehicles have undergone significant development and are today utilized by numerous people to facilitate their leisure and employment activities. Golf … Read more

Make Pillar Candles Using Soy Wax

Candle-making transformed tremendously through time.

Throughout history, candle making evolved independently in many different locations. Romans began producing dipped candles made of tallow around 500 BCE. Candle molding equipment in Indonesia was in circa 1920. Candles made of whale fat were first documented in China during the Qin Dynasty of 221-206 BCE. For candles in temples, cinnamon … Read more

DIY Pierogi Making Kit

raw pierogi, flour, baking sheet

There’s a lot of fun and satisfaction in preparing food for yourself, like making pierogies or other types of dumplings, for instance. Pierogi is a popular central and eastern European cuisine filled with various fillings depending on what region prepares them. If you want to work on your own pierogi dumplings, a … Read more

Easy DIY Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen counters

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the busiest area of the house where loved ones can come together, cook and share meals, clean up, and talk most of the time.   If you’re tired of how your kitchen looks but only have a small budget, you don’t have to fret. … Read more

How to Make Shaped Candles with Soy Wax

a candle burning on a wooden tray

If you are looking for instructions on how to make soy candles (specifically soy pillar candles) using candle molds, then you are reading the right guide. Soy pillar candles are a little more challenging and effort-taking than soy container candles. They are environment-friendly, elegant, and delicately fragranced, which makes them worth the … Read more

Making Homemade Deodorant

Making Homemade Deodorant

We have been interested in making homemade deodorant for a while.  Have you? We are not much of a conspiracy theorists but putting that much chemical on our armpits every day and chemically clogging and controlling sweat glands just doesn’t seem like a good idea when you think about it rationally… you … Read more

Immune Boosting Elderberry – 20+ Articles

Immune Boosting Elderberry

Many people live in a house with small children.  Germs and minor illnesses are unavoidable. Given our propensity for sickness around here, we have been wanting to learn more about the immune-boosting elderberry plant.  In our search for information, we found tons of great resources.  If you’re like us and have been … Read more

magimix Review

Magimix Review and Giveaway! A $499 value!

Recently we were given the opportunity to test drive a new food processor.  But wait just one minute….. it wasn’t just ANY ol’ food processor.  we were given the opportunity to try out the magimix 16 cup, 5200 XL food processor. And what a treat it was! Read on to hear more … Read more

National Preparedness Month

Being prepared for natural disasters and other emergencies is something I’ve been prioritizing for my family.  Some of my recent posts on the topic include: Creating a 72 Hour Kit Stocking Your Family’s First Aid Kit Prepping Your Homestead for Winter Emergencies Prepping for Beginners This month is National Preparedness Month and … Read more

72-Hour Kit – Getting Prepared

As we have talked about in previous posts, we really believe that a family needs to do a lot more prepping.  While we are not particularly concerned with a zombie apocalypse or anything crazy, we do know that even minor emergencies can leave an unprepared family feeling helpless.  We wrote a post … Read more