How Hard is It to Make Your Own Applesauce?


When scouring for applesauce at the store, you may get turned off by the added sweeteners, flavorings, and preservatives. Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s better to make one on your own. This is your sign: Nothing beats the taste of homemade applesauce, and it’s not hard to make! Beyond being a delight … Read more

Makers of the Best Belgian Dark Chocolate

big chocolate bar with nuts

If it is not chocolate that comes to your mind when you think about Belgium, you need to try some of their chocolates. Belgium has been famous for its chocolate-making legacy for centuries. More than 2,000 chocolatiers in the country produce the most delectable chocolates ever.  Belgian chocolates are famous worldwide. So, … Read more

How to Make Elderberry Syrup at Home

Homemade black elderberry syrup in glass jar

Elderberry is a dark purple-colored berry from the European elder tree used to formulate medicine and shouldn’t be confused with the Elderflower, Dwarf Elder, or American Elder. Some people take the berry by mouth for the flu (influenza), common cold, and many other ailments, though there’s not enough scientific evidence to support … Read more

Recipe for Tartine English Muffins

dough, counter, flour, baker wearing an apron

Tartine English muffin is an open-textured crumb, tender griddlecake, perfect for pooling homemade jam and melting butter. English muffins are best eaten toasted, and you can even make them one or two days ahead. Still, there’s nothing quite like a muffin fresh off the skillet. This English muffin recipe is inspired by … Read more

Strawberry Snack Ideas

Strawberry Snack Ideas

We all know how good strawberries are for our bodies. They are versatile, stunning, and have several health benefits. For a lot of us, the favorite thing about summer and spring is strawberries. Sure, you may like other berries, such as blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries and their ilk, but nothing can take … Read more

Homemade Classic Trifle Desserts

Strawberry trifle dessert in a trifle bowl

Classic trifles are maybe the most underrated desserts; with delicious layers of cake, custard, and fruits, a classic trifle doesn’t only look good but also serves the taste buds with a heavenly sweet taste. Classic trifle recipes usually consist of creamy pudding, cake, berries, and several other colorful ingredients.  Trifles are so … Read more

How to Make Good Coffee at Home: A Guide for Beginners

Coffee,Drip coffee at home Coffee in a jar

With how well-known coffee is and the number of people that drink it, it is only natural that there would be countless ways that you can prepare this drink. People enjoy the fact that they can customize their coffee and make them however they like. They can add more milk and make … Read more

Tips for Starting Sourdough Bread from Scratch

Tips for Starting Sourdough Bread from Scratch

Have you ever thought about making sourdough bread at home? Seeing the half-bare sourdough bread on the aisles of a grocery store, the thought must have crossed your mind. If you are even interested in making one, you would know that sourdough bread requires a starter. This is where most people would … Read more

Enjoy a Homemade Pretzel at Any Time of the Year

Pretzels on a wooden table

One of the super easy snacks or appetizers we all love is a soft pretzel. Who can say no to a hot pretzel that is smooth and buttery from the inside while being salty and crunchy on the outside? Many of us have memories of having these divine little soft buttery buns … Read more

Baked Brie with Olives and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Baked Brie with Olives and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Get prepared to be hungry. Cheese is one of our favorite foods around here.  We love almost every type and serve it every way you can imagine.  So, when I was given the opportunity to try Mezzetta Everything Spread – , my first thought, of course, was how can I use … Read more