Knowing How to Care for Water Kefir Grains for Long Term Use


Who doesn’t want to know about the effervescent, delicious, fruit-infused beverage that has amazing health benefits? Water kefir it is! This powerful drink is a great source of healthy probiotics that can clear the skin, heal the gut and energize the body. Apart from this, water kefir is also known for building … Read more

Ways to Preserve a Bumper Crop of Broccoli

A broccoli field

Broccoli is a famous plant that many people like, especially those with a big garden, and harvest more broccoli than they eat. It can only be kept fresh in the refrigerator for a long because it is a vegetable grown in hard and cold weather. It is usually held on ice until … Read more

Tips for Freezing Vegetables for Long Term Storage

assorted vegetables

Freezing is an effective and time-conserving method for making your cooking experience easier. It also allows for bulk shopping at the start of every month or week – depending on your household needs and setup. Moreover, you can save numerous trips to the store now and then. Freezing various vegetables allows storing … Read more

Preserving Fresh Broccoli in the Freezer

Preserving Fresh Broccoli in the Freezer

We love growing our own produce. It is convenient, healthy, fun and (can be) cheap.  However, when the harvest comes in and you are up to your ears in one kind of vegetable or fruit, it can also be overwhelming. We’re working on learning to preserve each type of vegetable and fruit … Read more

Preserving Basil 101: Tips, Tricks and The Basics

Freshware Silicone Mold, Chocolate Mold, Candy Mold, Ice Mold, Soap Mold for Chocolate, Candy and Gummy, Peanut Butter Cup, 30 Cavity

Fall is beginning to set in and cooler weather can be felt in most of the country.  We’re even below 100 degrees this week!  Finally!  Some relief! For those of us who garden, this immediately turns our minds to our gardens and what the change of weather means for our plants.  One … Read more

Water Bath Canning: Tips for the True Beginner

Water Bath Canning Tips for the True Beginner

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that canning has been one “homestead-y” thing that has intimidated me.  Well…. intimidate me no further!  My mom was kind enough to pass on her knowledge to me and now I’m hooked!  Bring on the produce! I know that … Read more

Fresh Homemade Ketchup Recipe

Fresh Homemade Ketchup Recipe

Have I mentioned that I froze a bunch of tomatoes last spring? Yeah, I know, I’ve mentioned it only a million times.  Well, you should know, they’re gone now.  I’ve used them all!  My freezer has never felt so empty! Originally I made pasta sauce, then I made pizza sauce and now … Read more

How to Store Your Winter Squash

Winter Squash

If you recall from posts I made late last spring, we had a bumper crop of buttercup and butternut squash.  We even got a few acorn squashes.  It was a beautiful thing. Fast forward to now. Last week I went into my pantry to use a few of the buttercup squashes only … Read more

Refrigerator Pickles – Super Simple

Refrigerator Pickles – Super Simple

There always comes a time to focus on preserving the harvest.  You can freeze tomatoes for making sauce later on, freeze pesto and even making refrigerator pickles.  With your cucumbers lately and I decided to try my hand at making refrigerator pickles – a good example recipe to check out is Martha … Read more