Is My Baby Musically Gifted?

a boy singing, studio microphone

Babies and children in general usually love music. As soon as they hear a tune or melody, their bodies begin swaying along, and their toes start tapping. However, on average, a child can’t perfectly sing a note, doesn’t keep tempo, and will probably crash into their friends while trying to dance along. … Read more

Guide to Well Known Schools for Musically Gifted Children

a kid playing the guitar

Music is a form of art, which can be a vital part of your child’s life. As a parent, your focus has probably been to ensure that your kid excels in education. But, besides getting good grades, it is also important to explore their interests. If you have heard your kid humming … Read more

Homemade Candy Corns with *Less* of the Junk

Homemade Candy Corns with Less of the Junk

I’m not one of those moms who forbids candy at Halloween. We go trick or treating (last year was our first year, actually).  We get candy, we eat it (in moderation) and we enjoy it.  But I’m never THRILLED by all the sugar and junk that I’m filling my kids’ belly with … Read more

Small-Batch, Homemade Applesauce

Small Batch, Homemade Applesauce

We had an amazing Labor Day weekend.  One of the best weekends in recent memory. We headed three hours south to the little town and did some serious apple picking. It was so much fun and only a *tiny* bit hot and humid.  (Ok…. maybe it was a lot bit hot and … Read more

Making Butter

Making Butter

This post on how to make butter is part of the Pantry Revamp series here on Little Homesteaders.  To read more about it, check out the first post here.  To read all the posts in the series, click the “pantry revamp” label to the right. If you’ve been reading this blog at all … Read more

Creating a Children’s Garden

Creating a Children’s Garden

There’s no doubt we’ve all done it.  You pinned an image on Pinterest and thought to yourself, “Self – you are going to do that awesome craft/activity/recipe/diet/homeschooling-thing this week! That is just too cool to forget about. We just can’t live another day without doing that!” And then, lo and behold, the … Read more