What Are the Best Chicken Breeds to Raise?

a grey-feathered hen

It is not always that we see a person who’s about to set out on a venture of raising chickens, so pat yourself on the back for deciding to be one. Indeed, raising chickens is an arduous task that requires proper knowledge, commitment, and responsibility. Some breeds even need special attention, given … Read more

Tips for Successfully Raising Chickens

nesting hen, eggs, chicken coop

There are many ways to go about raising chickens, but with a coop, a long-term plan of action, and some chicks, you’ll be awarded a flock that brings fresh eggs and the fun of watching a baby chick grow up to be an egg-laying hen.  Tips on Successfully Raising Chickens You can … Read more

Medicines and Supplements Every Chicken-Owner Should Own

close-up of a chicken

Chickens are among the easiest farm animals to raise, though sometimes it can be challenging to keep them healthy. You can use various supplements, from free choice to specially packaged ones, to help your chickens combat ailments and prevent any illness.  Using these supplements to prevent ailments such as respiratory issues, internal … Read more

What Items Are Needed for A Chicken Brooder?

chicks, red pail, chicken brooder, chick waterer

Raising chicks may be pretty taxing if it’s your first time, especially if you don’t know the basics of brooding and lack the necessary stuff for doing it. It would be best if you had a well-prepared chicken brooder equipped with the proper supplies needed for housing the chicks and keeping them … Read more

Caring For Chickens in Winter

A flock of chickens 

It can be hard to take care of chickens in winter, especially for smallholders who don’t have access to the facilities available in poultry farms for chickens. Chickens are susceptible to weather fluctuations; if laying hens are not kept warm in winters, they tend to stop producing eggs. Moreover, it is hard … Read more

How to Train Your Chickens

Hens on a farm

Chickens are smart animals. It’s not common to describe them as smart, because saying a person has “bird brain” means they are stupid. But do you know that cognitive research has shown that chickens can be trained to be smarter than cats, dogs, or even toddlers? Chickens are entertaining and useful (if … Read more

How to Care for Chickens During Winter

Chicken coop in the winter

Chickens are hardy birds. The truth is, excessive heat is more life-threatening to chickens than cold weather. But if they are not kept warm enough, hens may stop producing eggs, while some may become sick and find it hard to recover in the cold weather. Weaker members of the flock may cause … Read more

Helping Your Chickens Lay More Eggs

Chickens in a farm

If your chicken suddenly goes from producing an egg every day to just one to two a week, or even no eggs at all – you may start to worry, especially if you depend on these eggs for your business. The thing is, chickens, like any animals, have natural biological rhythms that … Read more

Tips for Using a Heat Lamp over the Brooder Box

brooder box

If you are a farm person, you would know how newly hatched baby chicks require a certain level of heat and temperature. After being born, these baby chicks are naturally unable to regulate their body temperatures, which is why, ideally, the mother hen keeps them under the warmth of her body for … Read more

Are Elderberries Safe For Chickens To Eat?

fresh elderberries

Elderberries, a small dark-colored fruit, have a slightly tart and bitter taste. They are used in the preparation of jams and several other preserves. But the main question is, can chickens eat elderberries? Chickens can eat only the fruits of elderberries since the leaves of plants are toxic, so they must not … Read more