20 Super Fun Mother’s Day Activities

If you desire to make Mother’s day memorable for your mom, planning the day is always a great way to start. In this article, I would be highlighting 20 Super Fun Mother’s Day Activities that you can slot into your itinerary for the day. Also, check this post; https://www.emicakes.com.sg/post/9-ways-to-celebrate-mother-s-day by Emicakes on 9 fun ways to celebrate mother’s day.

Twenty Super Fun Mother’s Day Activities.

  1. Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle together; Over the puzzle, you could always have a couple of drinks, talk about cheerful moments and at the end of the day, you are guaranteed to have spent enough time with her, the entire day is etched in her memory
  2. Book a weekend Getaway; give your mom the entire weekend off and plan a whole lot of luxuries exclusively for her. Bonus? You could go too!
  3. Spend time in the Kitchen with her; randomly show up with ingredients for her favorite cake and spend time baking dessert together.
  4. Serve her; treat your mom to breakfast, brunch, and dinner in bed. Before she takes a step into the kitchen, ensure it’s all ready.
  5. Tarot; If your mom is into these sorts of things, you could schedule her a tarot card reading session.
  6. Attend Mass with her; even if the church is the least of your favorite places, show her you care by accompanying her.
  7. Have Brunch Together; pick out a place in town and schedule your mom’s favorites. Have it look all casual, but still, have the best afternoon planned out for her.
  8. Take her Shopping; taking your mom out shopping on Mother’s day has never been a bad idea.
  9. Go to the market together; drive her in your car to get fresh produce at the farmer’s market and spend the entire day together; buying, cleaning, and sticking.
  10. Take her to dinner; book diner specifically for your mom at her best restaurant.
  11. Get Mani-Pedi together; on mother’s day, you could treat her to a manicure and pedicure session at home or drive her to her favorite place.
  12. Get Facials to dine together; let your mom get in touch with her younger side, get a complete facial done together, and have her glow like the sun afterward.
  13. Book a Masseur; book your mom a professional masseur to help her relax those muscles and bones that work all year round.
  14. Take a cooking class together; find one near you and go for the day, learn a new recipe and bring home dinner together
  15. Take a flower arrangement class together; at the end of the day, not only has she learned a new skill, but she also gets to have a lovely bouquet afterward
  16. Go to the Beach! take your mom out surfing, for a picnic or so by the beach on mother’s day.
  17. Get her a new book; if your mom already has a large collection, peruse over them and then take her to get one or twelve at the bookstore
  18. Tour; for mother’s day, take your mom on a tour to newer places, at the end of the day, you both would have learned something new. 
  19. Listen to music together; find out the bands that were all the rage in her heydays, make a playlist of them and watch her light up like a torch.
  20. See a movie together to perhaps seal off the entire mother’s day activities.

Mothers would generally love quality time over a lot of ostentatious and expensive gifts and therefore, one of the best things you can do for her is to get involved with her on that day.