Eat Up: Wedding Cake Inspiration for Your Big Day

Have you chosen your wedding cake yet?

The cake of any celebration is usually a centerpiece, and that’s never more true than at a wedding! Your cake is going to be seen by all the guests, so making it look beautiful is a must.

It should also reflect your wedding theme and you as a couple. Yours isn’t an ordinary romance, so why opt for an ordinary ivory white, three-tiered cake? Stand out from other weddings with a showstopper of a cake that’s – almost – too gorgeous to eat!

Start planning your design with this guide full of wedding cake inspiration.

Play With Textures

If you’re looking for wedding cake ideas, you don’t always have to go too out there. You can create a beautiful cake without adding tons of color, embellishments, and patterns! One way to create a super simple but gorgeous cake is by playing with texture.

For example, you could have a few tiers on your cake, with each tier decorate in white buttercream. But, every tier is textured differently. One could have a smooth finish, the next tier covered in elegant smudges of buttercream, and the last covered in horizontal layers of buttercream building on top of each other.

By simply playing around with textures, you can create a modern, stylish cake that wouldn’t look out of place in Vogue.

Modern Brushstrokes

If you’re on the hunt for simple wedding cake ideas, you’ll love this one! The look is a regular cake with large brushstrokes of hard candy attached to one section of the edge, rising up high from your cake to make a bold statement without being over the top.

To make the brushstrokes is simple, too, so you could do this yourself if you’re on a budget. All you have to do is melt candy melts in your desired colors (or color for a minimal look) and add a dollop onto a baking sheet covered in parchment paper. Use a spatula to pull the melted candy towards you in one stroke, just as if you were using a paintbrush.

You can make your brushstrokes in any shape or size. Make a lot so you can play around with the grouping on your cake! Once you’ve created the strokes, leave them to cool in the fridge for around 20 minutes before removing and attaching them to your cake.

Check out the full recipe and an image of finished brushstrokes to create your own.

Cupcake Towers

A lot of couples are looking for unique wedding cake ideas these days, and this certainly fits the bill! Rather than having a normal tiered cake, create a cupcake tower as your statement centerpiece. Not only does this look amazing, but it’s also much easier for everyone to grab a cupcake than it is to cut a cake into hundreds of slices!

Find the best cupcake towers and fill them with your beautiful cupcakes. Opt for ivory white cupcakes all over and decorate your tower with flowers for a slightly traditional look, or choose colorful icing with edible glitter for a fun yet elegant look.

Unblended Buttercream

To create a real work of art, take a look at unblended buttercream cakes. To create these stunning pieces, two colors of buttercream are used, such as lavender-blue and white. Dollops of the different colors are placed haphazardly around the cake before being sort of smoothed out.

The colors don’t get entirely blended together but merge, like half-mixed oil paints, and there’s plenty of texture! The final result isn’t dissimilar to an oil painting and looks absolutely gorgeous. Finish with florals, fruit, or vine leaves for a rustic yet chic cake that’s bound to impress.

Huge Flat Cake

If you and your partner would love more unconventional wedding cake ideas, why not try a giant flat cake? This can also come under the category of simple wedding cake ideas or more extravagant cakes, depending on what you do with it!

The idea is that instead of the usual tiered cake, you create one, huge circular cake that’s flatter than a normal cake, almost like a pie (but a little thicker). The impressive part here is the size, so don’t be afraid to go really big! You can then decorate the top however you choose to, whether than be covered in fruit and a dusting of icing sugar, with ornately designed icing (think lace detailing, but in icing), or with that gorgeous unblinded icing mentioned earlier.

Green Vines

When it comes to wedding cake inspo you’re going to find lots of florals. While these never look bad on a cake, they are a little overused. If you like the natural elements but don’t want to jump on the floral train like everybody else, why not consider some greenery instead?

A trail of green leaves moving up the side of your tiered cake is incredibly elegant and understated, perfect for doing something a little different. You could also circle the leaves around the base of each tier, creating a nature-inspired look that’s a little different! Add a few small flowers if you’d like a little color, or leave as it is for a simple look.

Discover More Wedding Cake Inspiration

There’s plenty of wedding cake inspiration out there, so if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for then be sure to keep searching. If you’re struggling, it might also be a good plan to talk to a wedding cake maker and tell them the ideas you have at the moment and what you’re looking for and see what they can come up with. Whatever you do, don’t give up; your perfect wedding cake is out there!

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