Five Garden Trends You Should Consider in 2024

It’s time to get out in the garden and over the next few weeks many of us will be making alterations to our space based upon the trends of 2024. Of course, we’re no Chelsea Flower Show, but there are plenty of aspects of getting green fingered that you should take note of to transform your space.

From major renovation projects to simple tasks and even changes in attitude, 2024 is the year for a number of trends, so as the weather gets brighter, it’s time to start to thinking about what you want to do, and here are five trends to inspire you…

Sustainable Gardening Practices

First and foremost, we all should be thinking about the environment and there’s becoming more and more of an emphasis on eco-friendly principles within gardening. From being water wise to native plantings and even aspects such as composting and rainwater harvesting, ensuring that we reduce our environmental footprint.

All the while, using these practices can even improve the space, allowing your garden to really flourish.

Bi-Folding Doors

A much bigger project, more people are beginning to connect the outdoors with the indoors, providing a seamless transition between home and nature. Bi-folding doors are playing a big role in that, bringing more natural light into the home, but also providing almost an indoor extension to your garden.

It makes the likes of cooking and dining al fresco much easier, while having the doors open essentially gives you a shaded spot to sit and relax while still feeling the benefit of the breeze.

Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Over the past few years, since the pandemic where we began to value our outdoor space and its role within socialising, outdoor entertainment spaces have continued to thrive.

Whether it be a simple patio set-up, or things like home bars and outdoor kitchens and BBQ areas, having a functional space in the garden is not only a functional feature, but can also boost the value of your home.

Vertical Gardens and Green Walls

Maximising space is key in a home, particularly as more of it is being dedicated to the likes of entertainment. Vertical gardens and garden walls allow you to introduce lush greenery into the garden without losing any floor space. Whether they’re installed as standalone features or integrated into walls and fences they really help in immersing yourself in nature as well as looking incredibly pretty.

There’s plenty of inspiration already out there and they are especially good if space is a little more limited, such as in yards. Horticulture magazine has a number of ideas for small spaces which you can view here.

Tech-Enabled Garden Solutions

It’s 2024, so it’s absolutely no surprise to see technology playing its part in our garden set-ups. This year, it’s all about simplifying gardening tasks, from automated irrigation systems to the more popular smart lighting and robotic lawnmowers. The gadgets are becoming musts for many avid gardeners and if you’ve got the budget are certainly worth investing in.