How Would You Settle with the Best Dining Tables?

Dining tables are one of the most essential furniture pieces that a house cannot be considered complete without. This is where you will spend time enjoying meals with your loved ones and friends. When you are moving to a new home or you are thinking about remodeling your existing place, a change in the dining table can hold the renovations in place. So when you are unsure what is going to be the ideal pick for your house, consider these options before buying. 

Wooden tables

Your tables cannot be replaced just within a year of purchasing them. This often becomes a hefty investment and you need to buy one that can withstand the wear and tear of time. It should also be able to handle scratches and stains, and hardwoods like maple, oak, walnut, or teak are the best options to choose from. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and other engineered wood is semi-durable but cannot stand such a long test of time.

Glass tables

Glass tables are a modern yet understated style that is known to work with every style of contemporary or traditional décor. You can brighten up your space by using glass and it works wonders for smaller spaces. Tempered glass can well resist heat, scratches, and rough handling too. You can choose the best from a variety of designs, colors, textures, and even finishes in our tables collection.

Marble tables

Marble is expensive but is well worth the investment. Quality marble tables look timeless, beautiful, and can change the appearance of your room completely. Though the tables are bulky and heavy, this can be an asset to your household. While these are expensive and beautiful, they can be easily damaged. We recommend using tablecloths or placemats to prevent cracking or damaging the material when being used.

Weathered wood tables

This has the appearance of rustic, worn, nicked, and scratched wood that possesses a very rich, grainy look. It is appealing due to its intrinsic designs and it does not scratch or stain much. The grain can be protected by polishing the wood twice a year.

Modular tables

If you want modular dining tables, picking plywood over glass, metal, or wood will be preferable. Such tables can be lighter, durable, and can be packed and assembled whenever needed. They are also fairly sturdy, movable, and are perfect for rented stays. With new designs flooding the market every day, you can choose from a variety of designs and find the best option, even if you want to use them for a shorter duration.

The dining tables from the Four Hands tables featured collections can serve a wide variety of table options that can cater to every specific need of yours.