Importance of soil testing before construction

You probably know what soil testing is. However, the most important thing is knowing just how important it is. This way, it is easier to recognize that it is a step before construction that mustn’t be skipped.

Here are some of the top reasons soil testing is important. See here to know the real-time soil test cost.

Foundation laying 

In order for the foundation of any building to be laid properly, the soil must be tested so that the builders can know what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. If the soil isn’t tested, the foundation will most likely have problems- and when a building has foundational problems, it’s basically a ticking time bomb.

Pillar choices 

When constructing a building the right way, nothing is left to chance. Every design choice was properly considered before it was made. If the design includes pillars, soil testing will give the builders the right depths and lengths that should be used for pillars to avoid issues and problems in the future.

Future problem shooting 

When soil testing is done, builders are able to determine how likely foundational problems are to occur. This way, they can know what to do during construction as well as what to avoid.

Determining water table level

When soil testing is carried out, one of the things builders get out of it is the water table level. Before building commences, it is important that builders know the water table levels in order to make informed and proper building choices. The water table level will help point out any possible issues concerning humidity levels inside the building’s foundation.

Construction material choices

Just as we stated before, every choice made regarding building materials is carefully picked. One of the choices that are to be made concerning construction materials. If soil is tested properly, builders can ascertain the best types of construction materials. This way, they can pick the best materials to ensure that the building lasts as long as it should.

Safety decisions 

Sulfur is one chemical element that can cause a lot of harm. This is because it destroys cement. If the soil contains sulfur and normal cement is used, the building will come crashing down- if it makes it to the top.

This is another reason for soil testing. After the test, if the soil has sulfur cement in it, several decisions must be taken. The building will be constructed with the soil type in mind. This will influence several decisions to ensure the building doesn’t crash. One of such decisions is the cement type used to build. Rather than normal cement, sulfur-resistant cement will be used.

Soil reactivity  

In order for informed building decisions to be made, the reactivity of the soil must be discovered. This is done through soil testing.

Final thoughts 

Soil testing is done to maintain the integrity of buildings. Building crashes are devastating, and if anything can help stop them, it must be done. Soil testing is very important and must never be overlooked when constructing a building.