Important Boiler Maintenance Tips for 2021

Boilers are the workhorses of numerous industrial facilities. This equipment heats water to form steam for the reason of producing electricity or warming up a building. Boilers, also known as evaporators, endure extreme heating and cooling periods, which exposes them to stress that can decrease their efficiency and increment your operational costs. You must maintain your boiler or risk a breakdown that may cost your company thousands of dollars in maintenance, replacement costs, and loss of efficiency.   Your power bill also a significant impact on how much damage you’ll have to pay, so it’s best to opt for a no-deposit electricity plan, which means you won’t have to pay a large sum of money upfront to get electricity services.  To help your business avoid these risks, here are five essential tips that can keep your evaporator in ideal shape.

Cleaning Regularly

All forms of debris can coat the interior of a boiler’s tubes including soot, scale, water buildup, and other types of residues. A coating residue between 0.03 to 0.05 inches thick can decrease heat exchange efficiency by up to 10 percent. If more residue builds up the interior walls of the boiler, the heat exchange efficiency decreases. Thus, increases the chance of a breakdown. Most experts suggest regular cleaning of boiler tubes at least once a year. You can clean your boiler manually with brushes, chemically, or call a maintenance company to handle this yearly service. If you need a repairman near you, click here

Boiler Blowdown 

Over time, slime and sludge build-up in your radiators. This residue is composed of rust and dirt from the water circulating through the central heating system. The build-up can cause blockages within the loop, and you may notice that your radiator does not warm-up. Usually, the bottom remains cold. For a most productive performance, it is recommended that you simply get your boiler to have a blowdown every five years, particularly in areas with hard water quality. It’s also great practice to get a flush when a new boiler is installed. This is to make sure that your new boiler is not exposed to sludge-filled radiators. You should anticipate paying around £300-500 for a power flush or blowdown. 


Insulation is significant to ensure the safe operation of your boiler. Any surface that routinely exceeds 130 degrees Fahrenheit should have insulation to prevent damage to other equipment or harm your boiler operator. Uninsulated steam and condensate piping, valves, or fittings on boiler systems can result in heat loss that decreases efficiency and increments operating costs. The less effective your evaporator runs, the harder it should work to preserve the same operating temperatures. You should frequently assess insulation to distinguish issues quickly and keep your boiler in excellent running order.

Water Quality 

The quality of the water you use is critical to the continuous operation of your boiler. You should routinely check and test for dissolved solids, organic matter, and returned condensate in the water of your boiler. You should also make sure that you always have a deaerator within the water to avoid aeration. Your inspection plan depends on the size and working pressure of your boiler. If the boiler operates at high pressure, the more frequently you should conduct inspections. If you need assistance in deciding how and when to execute an inspection plan, a plumbing company expert in adjusting mechanical and commercial boilers can offer assistance.

Maintain Precise Maintenance and Inspection Logs 

Maintain Precise Maintenance and Inspection Logs

The backbone, and frequently under-appreciated aspect, of any inspection and maintenance program is reliable, accurate, and consistent log-keeping. You need to know which boilers were reviewed and in what way. Accurate logs guarantee that you are maintaining your boilers without duplicate work and that you are observing minimal decreases in performance. For instance, recording water and pipe gas temperatures enable you to track performance over time. These logs can indicate that your evaporator requires support or a profound cleaning.

An experienced mechanical plumbing company can guarantee that your boilers stay at peak operational efficiency with minimal cost and effort on your part. You do not have to waste time learning the complexities of boiler maintenance and operations once you can depend on an experienced company to assist.