What Are The Type Of Chickens You Can Raise At Home?

Are you planning to start your own flock of chicken in your backyard? Or, you already have built your chicken coop and wanting to know which chicken breed to add to your ‘arsenal’? Whatever your plan is, read below and discover our list of the type of chickens you can raise at home at the comfort of your backyard. All information will help you find the best and most suitable chicken breeds that will make your home flock stand out among all the other coops!

1. Orpington

Chummy, feathery, and cute, Orpington chickens come in many colors, such as lavender, buff, blue, black, and white. British breeders created them at the start of the 20th century. They are undoubtedly hardy as they were able to lay eggs at a boisterous rate while also withstanding Europe’s harsh winters. Orpington can produce around 200 light brown eggs per year – egglaying masters that can be a great addition to any flock.

2. Australorp

Australops chickens are one of the most favorite breeds among many flock owners. No surprise, as they have a happy-go-lucky attitude that makes them good foragers. They come in stunning black, blue, or white-plumage and are dual-purpose friendly, making them suitable for both eggs and meat production. Fabulous, cordial, easy to care for, and blessed with great egg-laying talent, you can never go wrong with an Australorp.

3. Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock chickens are an excellent breed, especially for first-time flock owners, whose name was derived from the town it originated from. They are available in a variety of colors, such as buff, blue, Columbian, partridge, silver-penciled, black frizzle, and black. Thanks to their relaxed, responsive, and love to free-range personality, they quickly make any coop a fun place to be. They are excellent egg layers, producing around 280 pinkish-brown eggs per year.

4. Sussex

Curious, sweet, and packed with ample grit, Sussex chickens are an exceptional addition to your backyard flock. They come in various colors, such as buff, silver, light, coronation, and brown. These chickens are extremely friendly, loves to be with their family, and enjoy foraging calmly in your garden grounds. Sussex chickens are ideal for new chicken keepers who want to have a friendly hen for their growing home coop.

5. Wyandotte


Wyandotte chickens boast some of the most beautiful laced-color varieties in the chicken world. They mostly come in blue, gold, and silver, among other colors. Being an excellent dual-purpose breed, Wyandotte chickens are have been one of the leading players that provide eggs and meat for America. With their bold temperament, they make an ideal choice for backyard flock keepers who aims to have a carefree and easy to manage chook in their coop.

6. Leghorn

Leghorn chickens are amazing egg-layers, laying around 280 bright white eggs annually. However, due to their spirited, savvy, and flighty personality, they can startle easily and may not be as calm as docile compared to other breeds. Nevertheless, their capability to produce generously-sized eggs regularly is what makes them a common choice for most backyard flock owners. Their slight build and long comb allow them to thrive well in warmer climates.

7. Rhode Island Reds

Developed by poultry breeders in Little Compton during the late 1800s, the Rhode Island Reds are decent egg layers that rose in popularity throughout the United States. They are known for their hardiness and has a reputation for being gritty. If you’re a novice, getting them backyard coop might not be a good option as they tend to bully other breeds. But, once you have gained experience, you will quickly love their robust demeanor and laidback personality.

8. Silkie

Silkie chickens are the most adorable chicken breed and often regarded as the plush toy of the chicken world. They easily stand out in the flock due to puffy and fluffy plumage, that feels like satin or silk. These fluff-balls are incredibly tolerant and even loves to cuddle! However, due to this calm and docile personality, they are not recommended for their novice backyard owners as they tend to get pushed around by other domineering breeds. If you still happen to get Silkies due to their innate cuteness, make sure to keep an eye on them.

9. Polish

Polish chickens are renowned for their remarkable feathered crest. They are stunning, sweet, and mysterious, making them a great catch for any backyard coop. However, they tend to lay fewer eggs compared to other productive egg-laying breeds, only laying about 150 eggs per year. But, if you want to have a fabulous show-line chook in your home coop, Polish chickens are your best bet.

10. Araucana

Araucana chickens are an exquisite breed that is renowned for its capability to produce colored eggs. Active, loud, and inquisitive, they are natural free-rangers who will forage every inch of your backyard. While some Araucanas can withstand confinement, they thrive better outdoors where they can flap and wind their wings. If you decide to have these agile pals in your backyard, make sure it’s wide enough to satisfy their nosy and energetic personality.

11. Barnevelder

Friendly, docile, and curious, the Barnevelders chickens are another breed that can be an excellent addition to any backyard coop. They are stunning and hardy, boasting an elegant lace-like black and brown feather pattern that quickly entices attention. This dual-purpose breed has a quirky personality, which makes them a little hard to trace down. But, the peculiar dark-brown-eggs they lay is undoubtedly worth a try!

12. Brahma

Brahma chickens are one of the largest chooks in the chicken world, which can stand around 30 inches tall. They have feathered feet, and are renowned for their delicious meat and tasty brown-colored eggs. While they’re big, they are calm and tend to go along well breed, though, there are specific times in a year when they can be broody. Nevertheless, they make excellent backyard chooks in general and are a popular choice in northern climates.

13. Delaware

Are you looking to add a rare breed in your backyard coop? Delaware chickens are a comparatively newer breed, which makes them a little hard to find. However, they are an excellent choice for any flock owner who aims to have premium-quality meat. These calm-tempered are also productive egg layers, producing around 280 brown eggs each year.

14. Easter Egger

Easter Egger chickens aren’t actually a breed per se. They are endearing hybrids that got its name for laying colored eggs that can range from green to blue, olive, aqua, or pink. However, they produce fewer eggs than other productive breeds. Easter Eggers are incredibly hardy and friendly and tend to go along well with humans and children, making them an excellent addition to a family flock.

15. Jersey Giant

Just like what its name implies, Jersey Giant chickens are supersized. These large chickens come in black, blue, and white-plumage. While they were developed to be a dual-purpose fowl, they aren’t a popular choice as they take half a year to mature fully. Don’t let their size fool you as they good-natured, making them suitable for novice backyard flock owners.

These are some of the best types of chicken you can raise at home. Don’t forget to assess each breed thoroughly and weigh if it suits your needs before adding one to your backyard coop. Once you have the right chooks, make sure to treat them with utmost and enjoy all the benefits they offer. Happy Homesteading!