What Kind of Dried Fruit Should You Buy?

Not all dried fruits are the same. You also can’t conclude that they’re all healthy. Some dried fruits are better than others. It would help if you were cautious about your choice. These are the best dried fruits you have to consider buying.

No sugar 

There’s only one important ingredient in dried fruits – the fruit itself. Make sure you check the label before deciding to buy. Fruits are already sweet since they contain fructose. It makes no sense to buy sweetened dried fruits. They might taste better, but they come with unnecessary sugar. You will end up gaining weight instead of losing it. Dried fruits are just like fresh fruits. The dehydration process removes excess water, but the nutrients are the same. 

Look for natural sweeteners

If you don’t like dried fruits without that sweet taste, you should consider natural sweeteners like fruit juice. Some dried fruits require added sugar since they have a bitter taste. Cranberry is an excellent example. If you see artificial sweeteners such as corn syrup, you have to avoid it. If cranberry comes with organic apple juice or sunflower oil, you can buy it. 

Organic options are the best

Whether you want strawberries, grapes, cherries, or pears, you should look for organic options. Even if these dried fruits are nutritious, the pesticide used while growing them could cause serious health risks. To maximise the nutrients, you should have organic dried fruits. 

Find fruits rich with antioxidants 

Most dried fruits have a healthy amount of antioxidants. However, others have way more. They include blueberries. Freeze-dried blueberries are even better. More water is removed in the process, and you will make the most of the dense nutrients. 

High-fibre dried fruits are great

You can consider a pack of dried figs. It contains 20% of the nutrients your body needs. You will also benefit in terms of digestive health, blood sugar control, and cholesterol management. You can place a little nut butter on them for improved taste – chop them and mix with salad or stir-fried vegetables. 

What to avoid 

Apart from determining the best dried fruits, you should also identify which ones to avoid. These include the ones fried in oil. Regardless of the type of oil used, frying dried fruits takes away the nutrients. Try to avoid them if possible. You also have to avoid yoghurt-coated dried fruits. Yoghurt might seem healthy, but you have no idea about the type of yoghurt used in coating the fruit. It might have loads of sugar that make it unhealthy.

Check the labels before you buy any dried fruit. Even options that claim to be organic or natural aren’t necessarily an excellent choice. Unless you can be sure of what’s inside, you have to stay away from those options.

Dried fruits are excellent at curbing hunger. They taste good and contain a lot of nutrients. You can partner with the best wholesale dried fruit supplier if you run a food business, and you want to add dried fruits. Given the benefits of dried fruits, you can expect more people to buy what you have to offer.