When to Call For Furnace Services

What’s that smell? What’s that noise? Why isn’t my home getting warm?

If these are questions you continuously ask yourself while using your furnace, you might have an underlying problem.

While some furnace issues can be solved with repairs, others require a total replacement. Either way, you’ll want to hire furnace services to help solve the problem.

Keep reading to learn the signs it’s time to seek professional furnace help.

Irregular Blowing

You should call furnace services if you notice irregular blowing. Your furnace should steadily heat the home with continuous warm blowing air.

When your furnace begins to go out, you’ll notice that the blower will cut off before reaching the desired home temperature.

Odd Noises

If you hear knocking sounds or other strange and irregular noises coming from your furnace, it’s not a great sign. These sounds might indicate that your system is on the brink of failure.

Give your furnace a listen while it’s running. Regular noises are nothing to worry about but call a furnace services company if you hear anything threatening.

Strange Smells

Another sign of potential system failure is odor. If you begin to notice strange smells coming from your heating registers, you’ll need more than a furnace repair. This usually indicates that a total replacement is necessary.

Gas smells are very serious. If you smell gas from the furnace, leave the area immediately and call emergency services. Other signs of a gas leak include:

  • Hissing, roaring, and whistling
  • Damaged gas appliance connection
  • Dead or dying vegetation around moist areas near piping
  • Unusual soil movement
  • Bubbling water

Never take a chance when it comes to natural gas.

Yellow Flame

An emergency furnace check should be completed if you notice a yellow flame. A properly functioning furnace will have a blue flame.

When the flame turns yellow, it’s a sign of a possible carbon monoxide leak. This is harmful to those who inhale it.

Routine Maintenance

Routine furnace maintenance is necessary for maintaining furnace efficiency and checking the machine for possible problems.

To avoid unexpected furnace repair costs, invest in regular preventative maintenance from furnace repair specialists. Maintenance keeps your home safer and can extend the life of your system.

Poor Air Quality

Your furnace and other HVAC system parts have a direct impact on the indoor air quality in your home. A system that is poorly maintained will move bacteria, dirt, and other particles throughout the house.

Call a furnace repair service if you notice more floating dust in the air than usual. You might also experience symptoms like frequent colds, coughs, and other respiratory issues.

Sometimes this problem can be solved with something as simple as a replacement filter. In a serious case, the ductwork will need to be professionally cleaned.

Is It Time to Call Furnace Services?

There are various signs that you might need furnace repairs or replacement. If you notice irregular blowing, strange sounds, odd smells, or poor air quality, call furnace services right away.

A yellow instead of a blue flame is another reason to seek professional help. Always complete preventative maintenance for your furnace at least once a year to ensure a quality system.

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