Dairy or No Dairy? Toxins Found In Your Milk

For many people, no drink is healthier or more satisfying than a full glass of milk. We associate it with purity and wholesomeness. However, as is the case with most, the truth is a bit more complicated. There may be hidden dangers lurking in that gallon of 2% you bought from the corner market. Dairy can have long-lasting, harmful effects on your health and that of your family. As it turns out, what we get from cows can be tainted with any number of outside elements that we probably don’t want in our bodies.

Drawbacks of Consuming Milk and Milk Products

The following drawbacks are associated with consuming dairy. One should keep all of them in mind before consuming dairy products. 

Toxins in Milk

The most important thing to consider in dairy is the number of toxins that come in milk. The reason why milk is not safe for consumption might be because of these toxins. Plastic jugs that contain milk may contain pesticides, dioxins, mycotoxins, and various other forms of toxins as well. Surprisingly, many of these are available at your nearby store.

You might be wondering as to why you or people you know are not affected if the situation is so wrong. Primarily, it affects those who consume such milk in high quantities. Those who consume it in mild quantities don’t have to face such issues. In case you are wondering how these toxins affect you, they directly attack your immune system, neurological system, and endocrine system as well. As many dairy products have antibiotics as well, they might make you prone to the effectiveness of antibiotics. 

A milk bottle and a milk glass

Industrial Activity Harming Milk Supplies

Sadly, it’s not only the above-mentioned toxins but other causes as well which make dairy an unsafe option for us. The practice of industrial farming has caused massive harm to milk supplies. Farmers use antibiotics and other chemical products which might make the milk “non-organic” as well. 

Other times, this happens without purpose. For example, the cows may start to graze on pasture and water where many factories might be releasing their chemical waste. The land and water, when contaminated, could lead to more sick cows and the production of milk that is not safe for human consumption.

Higher Chances of Expired Dairy Items

One of the main reasons why milk or other dairy products could be harmful to the human body is because they can expire. Milk expires the fastest while processed products such as butter have a longer shelf life as well. However, as many people consume direct milk, toxins such as bacteria might emerge in your milk as more time passes. Milk could first become bad for you and then could become fatal for you as well. 

Those who drink old-dated or expired milk can face different types of problems such as loose motions, abdominal distension, digestive distress, and an increase in cholesterol as well. Many of these toxins could also result in the creation of milk worms among babies. This can also happen if you drink excess milk. Therefore, the right balance in the consumption of milk is vital for kids as well as adults. 

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Glass of milk with bubbles

Adulterated Milk Problems

A rising concern in many countries is with the adulteration of milk which increases the number of toxins and makes the productive content of milk less effective as well. Keep in mind that dilution can be of two types. The worst case is when both types of adulteration are being done in one instance. The first type of adulteration is done while the cows are being bred. Many dairy farmers or companies inject hormones and other injections as well. These hormones increase milk production and may even force the cow to give milk at an early age. The second type of adulteration is done when the milk taken from the cows is mixed with water. 

Over the years, the injection of steroids such as Oxytocin among cows has been causing different problems in humans as well. Studies have concluded that women may face various issues associated with pregnancy and fertility. If pregnant women consume steroid-injected milk, the chances of deformities and complexities in the babies may increase. It also poses the risk of hemorrhage among mothers after the birth of babies. Many other forms of hormones present in adulterated milk such as prolactin, luteinizing hormone(LH), estrogens, progesterone may cause further infertility among humans as well. 

The second type of adulteration may not be causing any direct harm but would deplete the number of essential minerals and vitamins that are healthy for humans. Therefore, milk adulterated with water also becomes harmful. Overconsumption of milk adulterated with water can cause severe implications in the future as well as cause damage to various organs of the body. 

Adulterated Milk Problems

Lactose Problems

Although not directly a toxin found in the milk, it is still an element that many people can’t resist in their bodies. You might have heard that people are lactose intolerant which means that they cannot consume milk or milk products directly but would only indirectly consume them. Some don’t consume any form of milk products at all. Lactose intolerance is a great problem that can lead to consistent and long-term digestive problems. Those who consume milk despite having lactose intolerance may face the consequences in terms of excessive flatulence, nausea, cramps, stomach ache, and other similar problems too. 

The Verdict

The following infographic provides a much detailed aspect on the various aspects regarding the use of milk. The different types of toxins are also highlighted which provide us an idea about the dangers of dairy products. One thing to keep in mind is that there has been an increased adulteration of steroids as well as water in milk which is why it has become a bit riskier than it was earlier. We recommend purchasing from a good brand that has all the tick marks for health concerns so that you drink healthy and stay safe.

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Infographic provided by Eurofins Abraxis