DIY Pierogi Making Kit

There’s a lot of fun and satisfaction in preparing food for yourself, like making pierogies or other types of dumplings, for instance. Pierogi is a popular central and eastern European cuisine filled with various fillings depending on what region prepares them. If you want to work on your own pierogi dumplings, a Do-It-Yourself, special kitchen tool can spare you a lot of hassle.

Pierogi-making kits are perfect for those who want to work on their favorite recipes for dumplings, such as Whole Wheat Pierogies, without wasting so much time preparing. They’re pretty easy to use as there’s practically no learning curve at all. Though, there are essential differences in terms of durability and design styles. Those who often make pierogi should probably invest in a tool that can enable users to produce more dumplings in just one batch. 

It’s safe to state that a pierogi maker can bring more convenience to kitchen work, so consider the following tools that offer the best value for their cost.

Rodston Dumpling Maker Set

cooked pierogi, plate, knife, fork, tablecloth, glass, table napkin

If you’re searching for a more versatile pierogi-making set, perhaps buying the Rodston dumpling set would be an excellent choice. It offers you all the tools necessary for making dumplings of different sizes. You can get fantastic results whether you’re making empanadas or pierogies. The molds are made from durable stainless steel and come with a bonus silicone mat.

While the set’s small dumpling makers measure 3 inches, the biggest ones reach up to 4.4 inches. They’re ideal modes for cooking all types of recipes involving dumplings. The set offers improved handles for every dumpling maker, which delivers easier no-slip pierogi preparation while the kitchen tools show off a lightweight and stylish construction. All in all, this DIY pierogi maker is an excellent option for producing main dishes, delicious appetizers, and desserts.

Zoie + Chloe 3-Piece Dough Maker

This set from Zoie + Chloe One is an exceptional dough maker for empanadas, pierogis, and other dumplings that offers a lot for its price. Although each has more basic plastic construction, every piece in this set is intuitive to use. They provide various sizes depending on what kind of dumpling you’re preparing. Thanks to its crimped edge, this pierogi maker will make sure that the dough stays adequately sealed.

For smaller dumplings, it’s best to go for the 4-inch piece, while you can make the larger ones better with the aid of the 5-inch and 6-inch tools. There’s a slight learning curve at first, especially when stuffing the filling to create a proper seal, but you should have high-quality dumplings quickly if you put in the effort. You can conveniently clean all the pierogi makers in this kit with the help of your dishwasher.

CucinaPro 135-03 Pierogi Maker

There are many high-quality pierogi makers on the market, but few possess the user-friendliness level of the CucinaPro 135-03. This model is made of robust metal and allows users to make a total of six pierogis in one batch. It’s also a recommended kitchen tool for other dumpling recipes like filled tarts. Apart from the tray, this pierogi-making kit includes a press.

With the aid of this kitchen tool, you should be able to produce Polish-style pierogis and other traditional dumplings. All you need is to put the filling and roll it close by drawing in the pierogi tray right after shaping the dough sheet. The tool is made of aluminum, and the press holds a polystyrene design with remarkable durability to support the crafting of many pierogis.

KAYCROWN Pierogi Maker

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The KAYCROWN pierogi maker is a must-have kitchen tool for its durable and well-designed features. This special mold is produced from more reliable stainless steel, explaining the higher cost than its plastic alternatives. It’s available in three different sizes, contrary to providing you with a complete set, which means you can pick the most suitable dumpling size for your chosen recipes. All the options have long handles for a smoother process.

All the pieces in this set are made from food-grade steel that will provide a pleasant feeling during pierogi making. The design of its handles should also add to the overall stability of the practical kitchen accessories. Thanks to the crimped edges, you will benefit from a smooth seal that creates a professionally prepared dumpling. The other side of this pierogi maker has a sharp edge helpful in cutting the proper amount of dough.

Hunky Bill’s Big Pierogi Maker

The huge pierogi maker from Hunky Bill’s could be considered an essential kitchen tool with a large capacity and user-friendly design. Everyone who likes eating good pierogi dumplings will appreciate the higher level of construction quality. The pierogi maker is manufactured in Canada and can create up to 18 big dumplings in one batch.

While this kitchen tool works best for making pierogis, it can also help deal with other recipes. You can rely on this pierogi maker to produce tasty empanadas or ravioli. The package of this tool comes complete with a quick and easy recipe to help get you started. There’s also the option to use another dough recipe, so there’s loads of room for creativity. Considering the 3 inches size of every pierogi slot, you can create lots of large dumplings in a relatively short time.